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What Are the Best Ways to Clean A Window?

Cleaning of windows, mirrors, and glass around your home is not a difficult task, but getting it done without any scratch and streaks is a big deal. In most houses window gets dirty very easily, especially if kids are around, you will notice sticky fingers and hands print almost every day.

Fortunately, cleaning of windows is really very easy once you know about it. Cleaning of a window is all about the tools and right kinds of stuff in your bucket to make your window clean with streak-free. There are plenty of methods to bring a shine back to your windows pane which will transfer your home to look bright and Shiny.

VinegarDon’t worry you don’t need to go out and spend lots of fortune in the manner of getting all windows cleaning tools. Of course, you can, if you really want to do it but it’s not necessary much. Via this article, we will tell you the best ways for cleaning window in a cost-effective way.

Here, are the best ways which will help you to make your window Shine and will bring shiny light back to your home:


Newspapers are one of those sources which make your window shine better after cleaning it. Believe me or not but newspaper are the best for buffing your window and make your window shine brightly. To make your window look brightly first of all scrunch up a piece of newspaper into a ball shape and then use it to make your window clean. As experts say the newspaper is more effective way than using a paper towel to clean a window.


One of the old and cheaper methods which practically cost nothing. Using vinegar to clean your window is basically the best redundant. The vinegar-water solution works great, just spray and wipes it on like you would with any other cleaner.

VinegarAfter cleaning with vinegar the window will smell stick around for a bit, this same method can also be used for outdoor windows with this streak-free cleaner solution.

Soap and Water

If you want to clean your window with a homemade solution. Using soap and water is the best option. Clean the window properly with soap and water but remember to avoid to use an extended amount of soap and water for cleaning otherwise it will result in an overly dense cleaner that can leave a streaky residue on the glass. Perhaps it’s the biggest glass cleaning mistake made by most of us.


Use of squeegee is an amazing tool, what a difference this amazing tool makes on your glass. If you have many windows to clean so this equipment may be the good option in your cleaning tools, which provide the best protection against scratches. The rewipe area of glass is a guarantee that you will not have a streak-free glass. Use of squeegee makes it possible to polish each section of the window freely and make it completely streak-free and clean. For long windows, a long-handled squeegee is must, and for cleaning shower walls it will do double duty as well.

SqueegeeIf you have small panes than squeegee is not a good option. Then, there are several different methods you can use to clean your paned windows. Some of the people prefer to use sponge followed by a polish with a cotton shirt, newspaper or cloth diaper. People prefer to use one of these items for their windows cleaning and polishing. Just remember that a clean dry cloth or newspaper is best for getting streak-free window easily.

At last, bear in mind it is not best to clean your window in sunny weather otherwise sun will dry the water very quickly and may leave streaks behind. Regular cleaning of the window may make your window looks cleaner and shining all year round, and when you can do it yourself by these tips it’s quite easier and cost effective.

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