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Watch Out the Essentials of Food Storage Required in a Restaurant Business


Governing an entire restaurant business is a coup to achieve. From getting your tables arranged to streamlining your chefs’ routine, managing an entire business requires meticulous disposition of equipment, time-table and furniture across the outlet.

Kitchens are the centralized portion of any restaurant and requires the largest investment from your side. It is an accustomed truth that a commercial kitchens requires industry level equipment that supports all the storage and the operational aspects inside a kitchen and handles the busy schedule within the kitchen environment. The layout of a kitchen area should be designed in a mannerso that the food gets prepared seamlessly without experiencing any glitches in its preparation at all.

Since kitchen is the heart of a restaurant where the food is prepared and plated, it is essential for every employee within the kitchen to have a knowledge about the placement of utensils, racks, dishes, vegetables, burners, ovens etc. in a precise fashion. But, in the entire management, the storage is the major portion to think about. With the perishable items around, it is an important task for the manager and chefs to keep a sanitized and top-notch storage facilities within the environment. Since, we know the weather is never a constant entity and with it comes the longevity of food items as its quality is an important factor to consider.

What to consider before buying any storage equipment?

When you are buying from cold room suppliers or getting your freezers installed, get yourself assured about the scale of food your joint delivers on a daily basis. The amount of food that you have to prepare would decide the requirement of Walk-in cooler or Reach-in cooler in your business. Cold rooms or the freezers are the crucial requirements for any kitchen to keep the non-edible or perishable items at a specific temperature. These refrigerators and freezers are extremely helpful in keeping the meat, dairy or fruits fresh for a long time.

Let us have a look at some of the cold storage equipment that are employed in a restaurant.

  • Reach-In Refrigerators:These the commercial food storage equipment that are used for a shorter duration of storage of ingredients. These are sturdy enough and have powerful compressor to keep the temperature inside the refrigerator intact despite the opening of its door frequently. It might have a bottom or top mounted compressorand work better in relative environment. Like the bottom mounted compressor work better in hotter conditions but needs a little care against dusty location. But, for a cooler environment, top mounted compressors are highly effective.
  • Reach-In Freezers: These are a modular cold chambers that are used for storing beverage, fruits, vegetables, and other goods or food items. These are available in different sizes and body structure that could be suitable to your kitchen. It could also be assembled if required any kind of migration in case of kitchen renovation or location shift. Even the temperature could be controlled as per your needs.
  • Counter-Depth Refrigerators: These are the types of refrigerators that are embedded inside cabinets and are protruding from it. This saves a lot of space in your otherwise systematic kitchen and blends in well with the look as the sides are not jutting out. The extra space that gets saved could be used for other arrangements inside the kitchens like cabinets or kitchen stations.
  • Coldrooms: These are the types of storage equipment that have a modular construction with a flexible temperature feature. These are the most appropriate devices for a bulk storage as well as saves the cost and energy that is utilized in buying several refrigerators. Thus, you require a larger singular space for the storage of variety of goods. You get the advantage of segregating your food into different compartments, creating a uniformity among them. Though the initial purchase of such a device might seem high, but it proves a valuable asset for a long time investment.

Though the installation of such equipments are not a burdensome task, their maintenance surely is, so as to keep their working intact for a longer time. Get a brief about some of the tips you might make use of to maintain your storage machines.

  • It is essential for you to take extra measures before a weather change as the temperature needs to be maintained in hotter or colder climates.
  • If your place is a dustier one or you use flour or powdery ingredientsin your daily cooking, then it is essential for your service engineer to clear out your refrigerators or freezers on a regular basis.
  • Check the air inlets and regulate your compressor to avoid the formation of ice that could block the breathing of motors within the equipment.
  • No sharp metal like a knife or scalpel should be used to clean inside the freezer.
  • The doors should be closed as open doors utilize a lot of energy and gives a disrupted cooling.


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