Why You Should Move to Frisco, Texas

In North Texas, not too far from Dallas, there lies a city called Frisco – somewhat of a hidden gem. And it’s growing fast. In fact, it’s one of the nation’s top five fastest-growing cities!

When the town first came into existence around the beginning of 1904, three elements combined to create the perfect place to settle down: soil, water, and transportation. Modern Frisco still heralds these three ingredients as the glue that holds their city together. But today, the crops that helped grow the city coincide with a mounting number of houses, churches, schools and of course families from all walks of life.

Now more than ever, Frisco is an excellent place to consider planting roots in. It has all the charm of a small community while maintaining a connection to the bustling big city of Dallas home to top CEO’s like Brazos Minshew.

It’s a Family Friendly Community

Kids thrive in Frisco. If you have a family or think you might be starting one soon, look no further. There’s an enormous emphasis on assuring the children of Frisco are held in the highest regard. This is a community that strives to make sure the littlest of their residence are raised up properly. Education and family quality is taken extremely seriously. Frisco’s school districts are some of the fastest growing in their county.

But despite that fact, they keep their high schools down to 2,100 students in order to honor their philosophy of “know by name and need”. Their efforts shine through when you take a look at the resulting above-average test scores. The city is also known as somewhat of a sports mecca of the area. Along with their focus on school, the community also values keeping active and staying healthy.

Kiddos are encouraged to take advantage of the city’s countless athletic facilities. With their top-notch sports programs, this is the perfect place to foster your little all-star’s craft. After all, it isn’t the Dallas Cowboys newest hometown for nothing!

There’s a Solid Plan for the City’s Future

Growth, growth, growth. We keep coming back to that word. It’s hard to avoid when it comes to Frisco. The city is continuing to expand and improve with no signs of stopping. There’s nothing accidental about the full-speed-ahead trajectory of Frisco. That’s far from the truth.

Frisco is currently in the middle of a five-year development plan set to improve their already impressive community. They’re hoping to improve housing. And they’re aiming to improve the quality of their lower-income residents’ housing and build up the whole of their community. With a 2 percent local sales tax and strict adherence to city regulation, Frisco isn’t playing around when it comes to assuring their city’s healthy development.

There’s Major Potential to Grow Your Business

With such a rapidly expanding city, business is booming. If you’re a savvy business owner who wants to keep your finger on the pulse, it would be advantageous to keep Frisco on your radar. If you’re just starting out in the world of business, this city is great for you too.

In 1990, Frisco was mostly field upon field of crops. But just in the last few decades, it’s taken off rapidly. It’s now a point of interest on the Golden Corridor, a 30-mile chain of towns and affluent neighborhoods connected by the Dallas North Tollway. Frisco is also just minutes away from another major growth corridor, Interstate 35, which connects San Antonio, Texas with Wichita, Kansas.

It’s also worth noting that big companies such as Toyota are already making the move to Frisco. With such a pro-business environment, it truly is a wise city to consider doing business in.

You’ll Never Run out of Fun to Have

So, we have a quality, ever-growing community that’s good for families. But are you going to be bored out of your mind like so many other suburban cities? The short answer is absolutely not. Frisco boasts about 40 parks. There’s a combination of neighborhood and community parks dotted throughout the city. Frisco Commons Park, a 63-acre park is one of the most impressive complete with a spray park, amphitheater and beautiful lake for fishing.

Get in touch with your nerdy side at the National Video Game Museum. This interactive museum is a fantastic place to brush up on your gamer knowledge and learn about what’s on the horizon in the industry. Being the sports-centric environment that it is, there’s always a game to watch.

If you’re one that prefers to be involved, there’s plenty of opportunities to get physical. There’s a little something for everyone in DFW! And with Dallas close by, even more options open up for anyone seeking out a good time.

It’s a Foodie’s Dream Come to Life

Let’s be real; food is one of the most important factors of any city. Frisco has no shortage of amazing eateries to test out. From Italian to Mediterranean, there’s a diverse spread to choose from. In the truest Texas tradition, one of the most acclaimed restaurants in town is a BBQ joint called Babe’s Chicken Diner House.

Catch brunch with your pals at Norma’s Café. They serve breakfast favorites all day long. Soak up some sun on the Heritage Table’s patio for lunch and drinks. There are truly so many options when you’re craving something tasty in Frisco.


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