How Video Resumes Make you Stand Different in the Job World

A resume is the starting point in any selection process. Resumes in today’s time have become a kind of business card to anyone who seeks a better job.  The resume should be understood as a marketing tool, sort of advertising material which opens and closes the doors to the interview. The objective sought after in drafting a resume ought to be to give adequate and applicable data to imminent businesses to enable them to choose that a person is reasonable for job.

You must be careful while preparing a job resume as it is not just about mentioning your listing years, jobs, schools attended, but it should highlight your key qualities and aptitudes, your most essential achievements so the business ought to be persuaded that you are a person whom he or she is looking for.

Video Resumes

With the evolution of the job market and technology, video resumes have taken the place of old paper resumes. Video resumes build through online video Resume builder is a short video that shows potential employers the esteem you can convey to their organization and causes you establish a connection that spans past the page.

As more organizations are focusing on making a group culture based on shared esteems, making a custom video resume will allow you to establish an extraordinary first connection.

Video resumes are fairly present day slant that job searchers seek after to emerge among others. A video resume gives a more exact portrayal of your identity or state of mind than the traditional printed copy resume. With a video resume, it is less demanding for candidates to introduce themselves before forthcoming manager. Few other advantages of video resumes are mentioned below.

Advantages of Video Resumes

  1. A video resume can easily be uploaded via you tube, or other popular multimedia channels like daily motion. Video resumes can easily be made through video resume app in a short period of time.
  2. Video resumes draws out your genuine identity before a business and demonstrates your essence of new media innovation too.
  3. Video resumes can easily showcase your personality. They provide a good chance of expressing your inner self. Such resumes give you an edge over other applicants who cannot avail this edge via a traditional resume.
  4. As being attractive is an additional factor considered by today’s employers, through such resumes you can easily get attracted to an employer. These resumes showcases you attractiveness and pleasant personality.
  5. A Video resume encourages expressing your eagerness more adequately than a paper resume. It can without much of a stretch put over your sentiments and your goals that you anticipate in an occupation. Video resumes can translate your feeling in your body language that will persuade the employer that you are not kidding about the activity.
  6. With a video continue, you can without much of a stretch pitch certainly before an employer. A video resume gives you the freedom to show your specialized abilities in verbal and non-verbal way.
  7. Video resumes are simple and hassle-free process. Today there are various video editing tools that can help you to create the resume the way you want.
  8. Making a video resume shows that you are a tech savvy person, who is interested in current technological trends. Employers give first preference to those who have a taste in innovation and know about the accepted procedures.

Video Resumes Compared to Traditional Resumes  

  • Video resumes can practically show your skills which paper resume fails to portray.
  • Especially suitable for those who are seeking a carrier in acting, sports and singing, as it allows them to showcase their skills practically.
  • Video resumes are helpful in judging your communication skills when compared with paper resumes.
  • A paper resume just leaves a question mark and a bit of doubt in the employer’s mind. Whereas video resumes provide clear-cut information.
  • A video resume helps an employer to judge your professional abilities like presentation skills, self projection and body language in a short period of time.

How to Make Video Resumes

With the development of new technology, making everything creative is easily possible and so does the video resumes. People need to follow few steps in making a video resume to get the employer’s attention among thousands of resume applications.

  • At first you should note down few key points and should have a good video recording tool and test it before recording.
  • Get the points quickly and prepare you video within 90 or 60 seconds as people are busy today.
  • You should prepare all your personal materials and better remember what you want to say before recording, so that you won’t pause your shooting.
  • Shoot and put your personal diploma, degree and various other qualifications at the beginning of the video resume.
  • You can also download few necessary videos and pictures if necessary.
  • Once you have presented your video resume, now it’s time to add few important links to your resume, your portfolio, and relevant social media channels.

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