What Type of Wedding Ceremony is on your Mind?

Marriages are made in heaven but they are concluded on earth. If you are on the verge of stepping into marital bliss then you must have decided upon the type of ceremony you would like to have. And if not, then you may go through the assortment of marriages given below and decide which one is the best for you.

Marriages are a grand affair in itself. From planning the dresses, food, venues, to decide over the invitations, you have a lot on your plate. But, weddings are not just restricted to these aspects only. Couples today tend to conform to different styles of ceremonies and want to make a difference than their fellow friends. Have a look at the list of some of the different styles of ceremonies that are taking place in India.

  • Traditional Ceremony: These are the simple ceremonies that are held within the particular religion, caste, community or tribe and follow the rules and ethics of that religion or caste from the inception of the ceremony till the end. These types of weddings are based on the faith and conventions in which the bride and groom are born into. These are also called Religious Ceremonies.
  • Group weddings: These are held in masses and are also called mass marriages. These kinds of marriages are generally seen in the rural areas or some remote towns where several couples accumulate at a certain location at same time to tie the knot in a legal ceremony. These are a viable option for the couples who want to hold a budget ceremony in a legal way.
  • Court Marriage: These are the type of marriages that are held in court or any place under the supervision of law experts that legalise your marriage through signature from both parties. A successful marriage registration in a court marriage also requires the presence of witnesses other than the intended couples. This type of wedding is known as civil ceremony.
  • Inter-religious marriage: These types of marriages includes the union of bride and groom from two different religions like a Hindu and Christian or Muslim or Hindu or any other. This type of marriages generally occur when couples go for a love marriage among them.
  • Informal or popular culture weddings: Though these are held in a formal setting, couples decide to have some aspects of the entire wedding customized to their choice. This usually occurs when there is a marriage between people of different culture where they want to collaborate their respective important rituals in the ceremony.
  • Religious weddings: These are the types of ceremonies that are held at the place of worship like a Church, Temple, Mosque, Gurudwara etc. These types of ceremonies adhere to the strict age-old traditions. There are certain etiquette rules and customs to follow in these type of weddings.
  • Destination Weddings: These are the types of weddings where couples choose a venue other than their own native places. Destination weddings have become a popular trend in the weddings as people tend to choose some exotic locations like a palace hotel, beach or hill stations to hold their ceremonies. It even becomes an exciting outdoor experience for their guests.
  • Dual Weddings: In this type of wedding, there are two couples who participate in the wedding ceremony together. The ritual starts with one bride and groom and have a same separate rituals for other bride and grooms.

Though these are some of the popular wedding ceremonies that are held in Indian culture, the coming modern times will see the inclusion of various other types of ceremonies as the trend of the era.

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