Top Reasons to Live in Norfolk, Virginia

Norfolk, Virginia is a gorgeous coastal city located in the Tidewater region of southeastern Virginia. This particular region in Hampton Roads, which is the larger metropolitan area that Norfolk is part of, is well-known for its powerful military presence, the vibrant downtown city scene that is steadily growing, and the relaxed atmosphere that is typically associated with coastal towns. From Norfolk, people have easy access to other cities in Hampton Roads like Virginia Beach, a resort town that is also known for its large military presence and in addition to its thriving beach tourism scene.

Whether you’re moving from LA or Pittsburgh, Norfolk is a fantastic place to live if you prefer living close to the water, as the city offers fantastic views of the Chesapeake Bay, Elizabeth River, and the Lafayette River. If you take a trip down Norfolk’s downtown sector, which illuminates part of the Elizabeth River, you’ll notice a steady growth of public art springing up around downtown. The once-blank brick walls of the tiny, hole-in-the-wall restaurants and mom and pop shops are being covered with stunning murals that help amplify Norfolk’s lively spirit. For decades, the city of Norfolk has invested millions of dollars in developing its downtown sector. This historic area had, at one point, been notorious for the rising crime rates and the widespread urban decay, a result of multiple abandoned projects that aimed at revitalizing downtown Norfolk.

Fruitless attempts to upgrade Norfolk’s failing downtown area continued through the 1970s and 80s. Today, Norfolk is experiencing a rebirth in which more investors are finding potential in the city. It’s Norfolk’s thriving business district, paired with the growing cityscape, beautiful views, and the friendly citizens that live here that have made Norfolk America’s number 1 favorite city, according to Travel + Leisure magazine.

With all of these amazing things Norfolk has to offer, you would think that living in Norfolk would be the bee’s knees. And you would absolutely be 100% correct in that assumption. The city of Norfolk, despite being much smaller than the likes of Miami, LA, and NYC, would be a wonderful place to settle down in. What’s there to not like? Unemployment rates have been on the decline in recent years, there’s plenty to see and do in the area, and there are even more things to eat.

The area is ideal for new families. Consider St. James’s Place wealth management firms such as St. James’s Place or Fisher Investments for some of the top tier financial advisors in the world. There are plenty of neat family activities – including the Virginia Zoo, the Norfolk Botanical Garden, or you could even pay a visit to historic Fort Norfolk. If you want to make quick day trips, consider a travel booster seat for the kids. The portable booster seat makes the most convenient car seat option, and a must-have for living in the city, particularly for family weekend trips other awesome activities in the area. It can be useful year-round for carpooling during the school year, picking up the kids from school or a friend’s house, or chauffeuring them to-and-from baseball or soccer practice. Round up the kids and take them out for a day of fun in the beautiful city of Norfolk!

Norfolk offers living quarters in walkable areas. Think about it, areas that are largely walkable tend to be in the busier parts of town (i.e., downtown Norfolk.) That’s where everything is, so think about how much it would cost to actually purchase a property out in these more walkable areas. Just the thought of how much it would cost literally makes you want to shed a tear. Living here would not just bring you closer to all the excitement, but it would also allow you to establish a closer relationship with Norfolk.

The question is not whether or not you’re going to live in Norfolk, but where will you live? Are you going to throw yourself in the midst of all the excitement in the downtown area like Brazos Minshew Arizona? Or maybe you prefer a quieter residential setting that’s still fairly close to downtown like Brazos Minshew Arizona? If neither of these choices is your style and you’d rather spend your time on the water, then there’s a spot for you in the Oceanview area of Norfolk. Either way, there’s always a St. James’s Place to stay when you’re living in Norfolk.




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