Top 6 Family Activities in the Greater Boston Area

With spring just around the corner for kids and families in Boston, there is no better time to start planning what to do with your family during the time off than now.

Partly known for being the birthplace of Adam Sandler, Seth Myers and Sarah Silverman, the biggest city in New Hampshire has plenty of activities for kids and people of all ages to do, and once you’ve done everything in the city, Manchester is just 50 miles away from one of the busiest urban centers in America, Boston.

Whether you’ve already started thinking about day trips during spring break or just beginning to plan out the week, here are the top 6 spring ideas for the whole family in and around Manchester, New Hampshire, and the greater Boston area.

Visit America’s Stonehenge

America’s stonehenge is arguably less understood and more mystical than the original structure in Britain. Built over 4000 years ago, this man-made stone structure is theorized to have been used as an astronomical calendar, although its creators have never been determined. Take your family here to get lost in ancient mysteries – practically in your backyard!

The outdoor museum is running events for kids from April 14th to April 29th. The museum costs $12.50 for adults, $7.50 for children, and is free for young children aged 4 and under.

Check Out Currier Museum of Art

The Currier Museum of Art is dedicated to European and American collections, with collections and exhibits containing the works of such artists as Pablo Picasso, Claude Monet, and Georgia O’Keefe, as well as countless others.

Your artistic or creative child will love a visit to this museum to explore the pieces and appreciate the aesthetics – it’s also free for kids under the age of 13 (admission is $5 for kids 13-17, and $15 for adults).

Escape the Granite State Escape Room

Escape rooms are the latest thing that everybody seems to be doing, and Granite State Escape is a great place to try out this new trend. The premise is that groups of people work together to complete puzzles in under an hour so they can “escape” the room. Unless the time runs out or you figure out the solution, there are no easy ways out.

With a variety of situations and styles of room to choose, from a creepy circus to a bomb defusal scenario, escape rooms can be a great way to work together to accomplish something and to build closer bonds with your family.

See the Lego Installation at SEE Science Center

One of the largest and most detailed LEGO creations in the country is right around the corner – the SEE Science Center exhibits a minifigure-scale replica of the Jefferson Mill, built in Manchester in 1886. To give a sense of the level of detail that went into this project, The real Jefferson Mill is made up of approximately 5 million bricks, while the minifigure-scale Mill is made up of about 3 million. The President of the LEGO company actually visited the city specifically for this exhibit’s opening.

Tickets to the museum are a flat rate of $9 for everyone age 3 and above and its open every day of the week.

See a show at the Palace Theater

During the time off for Spring Break in New Hampshire, the Palace Theatre in Manchester is a great place to take your family to go see a local play, comedian, or show. There are two shows which seem to dominate the theatre during spring break, being renditions of ABBA tribute musical Mamma Mia and a child-oriented version of the classic story Alice in Wonderland.

Ticket prices for these shows vary greatly depending on which day you decide to visit, so check ahead and book sooner than later!

Check Out Downtown Manchester

Simply taking a whole day to explore all of Downtown Manchester with your family will offer enough to do to make you want to come back again and again and find something new. With over 100 restaurants, many unique shops and stores dotting the streets and a warm, welcoming area to explore and support, you won’t find yourself bored with the family during a day out on the town here.

This is just a small list of suggestions for things to do over the spring break period near Manchester – there are lots of activities for the whole family in the city and just nearby that weren’t listed here, and that isn’t even mentioning the abundant activities just up the I-93 in Boston.

Plan ahead and check out what is going on to make the most out of your children’s time off during spring break – you never know if something you’ll all love to do is right around the corner if you don’t look! If you are stuck, head out to Fenway Park to catch a Red Sox game. You can never go wrong with spring and baseball!

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