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The Best Front Doors to Install for Higher Security

The Best Front Doors to Install for Higher Security

The Best Front Doors to Install for Higher Security

You will be alarmed when you discover how burglary rates have risen through the years. In most cases, intruders break into houses through the front door. So, when you have a security door, you can have a reliable first line of defense in the event of a burglary attempt. Many homeowners overlook this feature. However, you should know that choosing a proper front door can be a valuable investment for your home.

There are decorative security doors that can improve your home’s kerb appeal. So, you do not have to worry about sacrificing the appeal of your property to get enough protection. In this article, we’re going to discuss the different types of front doors you can choose to improve your home’s security.

Security Door Materials

There are different kinds of materials used for security doors, and they have various advantages and disadvantages. Some of these products even passed tests for impact, knife shear and weather endurance.


If you are looking for a practical option for a front door, fibreglass is one of the best choices for you. These products have an embossed, wood-grain texture or some of them have a smooth surface. You can also find fibreglass security doors that can copy the look of natural wood through proper edge treatment. When you compare this material to steel, it does a better job at resisting wear and tear. You also have the option to stain or paint it.

You will be delighted to learn that most fibreglass security doors are moderately priced. They are resistant to dents, and they do not need too much maintenance. However, it is worth noting that these doors tend to crack when subjected to severe impact.


If you want something more high-end, then you should opt for security doors made of wood. They are also resistant to wear and tear, and you can quickly repair dents and scratches. However, you should know that solid timber security doors are quite expensive. Moreover, they require more frequent maintenance compared to other materials. You have to regularly varnish or paint them.


About half of the security doors available in the market are made of steel. This material is relatively more affordable, but it can offer the same weather resistance that fibreglass and wood can give. What’s more, steel does not need as much maintenance, and they are energy-efficient.

When subjected to laboratory tests for torrential rain, abuse, strong winds, and years of wear and tear, security doors made of steel did not fare as good as wooden and fibreglass doors. Moreover, it can be difficult to repair dents. Aside from that, if you do not address scratches promptly, they will start to rust, which can be challenging to fix.


When you are considering cost-effective options, aluminium security doors are best for you. They may be light in weight, but they can be strong enough to endure the harsh elements and weather conditions in Australia. Since aluminium security doors have anti-corrosive qualities, they also require little maintenance. You won’t have to worry about rusting even during the rainy season.

The Best Front Doors to Install for Higher Security

When it comes to choosing an ideal front door for your home, you must find the perfect balance between appearance and performance. Several types of security doors have been proven to be durable and durable. Here are some of them:

Diamond Grille

Over the last century, many Australian families have been using 7mm diamond grille doors to secure their homes. Some of them have a fibreglass mesh that can have a three-point locking system for higher security. Just make sure you choose a product that meets AS 5039.


Manufactured with perforated aluminium sheet, Alu-Gard can provide optimum durability and security. The 2mm aluminium sheets are mounted to an extruded aluminium frame and coated according to Australian Standards. Alu-Gard is perfect for a wide range of domestic and commercial applications, including the following:

  • Sliding doors
  • Hinged doors
  • Balustrade
  • Fencing

One of the great things about this product is the fact that it is available in a comprehensive selection of powder-coated colours. As such, you will not have a hard time finding one that perfectly suits the style of your home.


ClearShield stainless steel security doors have a patented design that has been tested to be one of the strongest in Australia. Three different independent NATA-approved laboratories subjected this product to excellent performance, cyclonic debris, extreme impact and knife attack tests. So, you can ensure that this product can provide the protection you need. You can have a secure home amidst storms and burglaries.

When you search the market for the best front door of your home, you will discover that you have several options. What’s important is you conduct your research and make sure that you choose a reputable supplier.


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