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The Advent and Rise of Online Coupons

The Advent and Rise of Online Coupons

The Advent and Rise of Online Coupons

Online coupons are discount codes or numbers that can be redeemed on a website. Online coupons help in attracting new customers and increase their loyalty towards a company. Such coupons also track and observe new customers whether they are becoming loyal or not. Just like online coupons, traditional coupons can also be found online and usually at a retailer’s website. These coupons can be printed off for in-store redemption.

Brief History of Online Coupons

Coupons came back in nineteenth century during the early days of soda business. The first known coupon was for a free glass of soda, the person in possession of it received a free glass. In those times these coupons were called as ticket and not coupon, even though it was getting something for less than the standard price.

Coca-Cola was the first company that was recognized for using coupons as a means of advertising its product. Back in 1887 one of the partners of Coca-Cola helped to launch the company into the public eye using innovative and never-tried-before advertising techniques. One of these techniques was the use of the first coupon.

The Coca-Cola company first offered Coca cola to those people whom it believed might ultimately be interested in purchasing the product. The company mailed out coupons to potential customers and also placed them inside magazines for readers to discover. This advertising really worked and had a great impact on the company’s business. The company sold out more than eight billion free Coca-Cola drinks to people and within eight years of time Coca-Cola was being served in every single state that was part of the United States at that time. This technique of selling Coca Cola may be attributed in part to the early innovation of advertising with coupons.

Moving forward from back 1887 to now, nothing has changed a lot in regards to coupons. Coupons are still being used in large numbers by various grocery stores and famous brands. The only thing that got changed in regard to these coupons is that they moved from papered ones to printable ones and digital ones. Over 90% of consumers are now using these coupons and 60% of those who are already using them are still using the papered ones.

Arrival of Digital or Online Coupons

It was just 2 years ago that digital coupons or Online Coupons hit the market hard. The concept OF Online coupons made easy for people to use their phones and receive discounts at the register. Most of the groceries shops and ecommerce shops today are offering these digital coupons to their customers. Today’s online coupons have an expiry date, but customers don’t need to carry those coupons along with them.

Online coupons, as the name suggests can only be viewed digitally and are usually valid for the online component of a store. Such coupons cannot be redeemed at a physical store location as the overall costs of products in an online store totally differs from a physical store, thus physical stores may not be able to provide same discount as provided by an online store.

Online coupons are generally sent to loyal customers through email or social media; they can also be posted as ad campaigns or to online coupon aggregation sites.

Online coupons always represent a small window of opportunity for extra savings on your order. These coupons always have been a popular means to save and get the best value of your hard earned money. Online coupons are the main cause and reason for the increase in the growth of online sales.

As online coupons are saving lot of money and are also offering discounts to customers, these coupons are not only used by online business but also by travel agencies like emirates. Few other companies which use such coupons are Golden scent, Souq, Namshi, Wadi etc.

How to Apply for Coupon Code

Coupons codes are issued by various online stores through various channels such as their newsletters, their own website, or through other websites that promote current deals and coupons. Some discounts are applied automatically at checkout without a code, at times these discounts can also be got only by clicking through a certain link.

A coupon code is generally a mix of letters or numbers, usually around 5 to 10 characters in all caps. These letters can sometimes also appear randomly (ex. FT596RFT) and other times they are spell out in actual words or portions of words (ex. FREESHIP50). Most of the time a code itself give clues as to what kind of discount it provides. For example, FREESHIP50 would likely be free shipping with a $50 minimum purchase.

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When a coupon code is located or identified by a person, he/she can simply apply it to his/her older by typing it or copying and pasting it into the coupon box, and then by clicking the button to apply it. The box can be found at various stages of checkout, depending on the store he/she is ordering from.

Some stores allow people to apply the code in the shopping cart before proceeding to checkout, while others won’t let peoples to apply it until one reaches a certain point in the checkout process. This happens after a person enters his/her shipping and billing address, or even after providing credit card information. A person should be careful and should not accidentally place an order before they’ve entered the code.

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