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Survival Tips in The Jungle – Simple Ways to Stay Safe and Alive!

Survival Tips in The Jungle - Simple Ways to Stay Safe and Alive!

Survival Tips in The Jungle – Simple Ways to Stay Safe and Alive!

The jungle may seem to be lush, green and bright however it is a haven of danger, and you must be careful enough to stay safe. Jungles are known for testing the limits of humans, and there are some amazing and inspiring stories of how people have got lost and have survived in the jungle for days. They ate insects and fish. They consumed fresh water from rivers and streams. Experts that have been in the jungle provide you with the following tips on how to remain safe and survive.

Drinking water in the jungle- how to find fresh sources

When you are in the jungle, it is crucial for you to find a good source of drinking water. The jungle is dry, and it is common you will feel thirsty. Experts say jungles have an abundant source of water so finding it will never be a mammoth task. You should follow the trail of animals to water sources. Rainfall occurs a lot in the jungle, and you can store fresh rainwater in bottles for later use. Bamboo stalks are also common places where you will find the water stored. So, if you are looking for water, all you need to do is go to these stalks and pour out the water into your bottle. The streams and the lakes are safe for you to drink water from.

Stay protected from wild animals

Remember the animals in the jungle and wild and free. They are not tamed or trained. For instance, do not compare wild horses to the training racing horses you see on TVG. These horses are not gentle, and they may not respond gently to human contact. The same goes for wild elephants. Watch them from a distance, however, do not make the common mistake of going up to them to try to befriend them. If you are not a wildlife expert with animals, do not take the risk.

Do not waste time hunting for animals

When it comes to food, do not make the mistake of hunting for animals. This will waste your energy. It is much easier for you to fish from the abundant water sources available in the jungle. If you want to consume plants, make sure they are not toxic. It is best for you to avoid mushrooms. As for insects, check to find out which ones are edible for you in the jungle.

Whenever you are walking in the jungle, always go in one direction. Do not take twists and turns. Stay with your group, and in case you get lost, go back into the trail and find a water source. Rescue teams will come to water sources to find you if you are lost. The biggest survival skills of the jungle are you should never panic. No matter what the situation is, you should always remain calm. Build your shelter before nightfall. Make a weapon that you can use for self-defense in case you confront danger. Always travel during the day and rest in the night. In order to avoid the scorching sun, rise early and travel.

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