Solution to Teeth Gaps Problem

Solution to Teeth Gaps Problem

There is nothing as attractive and magnetic as a smile. It is the first thing that people notice in a person’s face. It is worth to keep smiling as well as scientists believe that a good smile can add several days into one’s life. A smile is also very important in establishing rapport and building interpersonal relations. However, a person can be held from smiling because of a number of teeth-related deformities and diseases. One such problem can be a gap in one’s teeth or also known as Diastema. While to some can deal with it, most of the people feel ill, consequently leading them to avoid smiling.

This should not be the case now as there are several ways to permanently remove this problem. Why let a small problem impede your self-esteem and self –efficacy when there’s already a cure? While several people are acquainted with the popular method of wearing metal brackets, not all of them are aware of several other ways and means that are more effective. Bracelets are pricey and also a number of people report feeling uncomfortable while wearing them. Before we embark on the other magical solutions to teeth gaps, let first shed the lights on some of the causes.

What Leads to Teeth Gaps?

There are several causes of Diastema. Knowing what led to the formation of the teeth gap is a fundamental start pointing to knowing how to fix teeth gaps. Normally, the gap appears in the two upper front teeth. However, the gap can also appear between other teeth.

A mismatch in the size of the teeth is one of the popular causes of teeth gaps. It happens when one tooth is bigger or smaller than the other. Sometimes, it can result in crowding while most of the time, it results in an extra space.

More also, the gap can result in missing teeth. When some teeth fail to grow, remaining teeth forces themselves to close the gap. Sometimes, it is not successful, resulting in permanent gaps between those teeth. It can happen in either the lower or upper jaw.

Bad oral habits can also lead to the formation of gaps. These habits include licking of thumb, which may pull some of the teeth forward resulting to some space developing. It normally happens between the front teeth as this is where most of the licking occurs. In addition, consistent erosion of one’s teeth with their tongue can also cause the formation of gaps. This problem can also result from an improper swallowing reflex, which pushes the tongue against the teeth instead of the roof of the mouth. Over time, the push causes the front teeth to move forward causing the formation of gaps.

In addition, it can result from an out of size labial Frenum. More also, it can emanate from gum diseases. The disease weakens the jawbone, which contributes to the teeth becoming loose and moving, hence leading to the formation of that dreaded extra space.

Not all gaps pose a problem aesthetically. Some can actually add up to the overall quality of your smile. However, as seen above, some of the causes can pose a significant effect on the dental health if not checked. Thus, it is recommended that a person with this issue seek the service of an experienced dentist who can diagnose the problem and advise accordingly whether it warrants treatment. This brings up the issue of how to fix teeth gaps.

There are several ways of fixing teeth gaps. The various solutions differ in terms of quality, durability, and ease. For those who love to fix their teeth gap, there are a number of affordable ways of diagnosing the teeth gap which is easy to follow.

However, choosing the appropriate method is not always as easy. It is important to seek the help of an orthodontist for guidance before the gap problem worsens. Such an expert can also guide on the appropriate method, which can deliver long-lasting teeth gap solution.

In addition, some of these methods for bracelets are veneers, retainers, and dental bonding. Veneers are thin porcelain pieces made in the lab, in different sizes to fit into a person’s teeth. They are sturdy and difficult to remove. However, they a little bit involving. Dental bonding involves covering the teeth with a tooth-colored resin material. However, this method of fixing teeth gaps is prone to staining, despite it being an easy and convenient method.

Oral Bands in Fixing Teeth Gap

The best solution to the teeth gap problem is the use of the dental band. Oral bands are designed to fix appliances for teeth. These appliances are used by the orthodontist to straighten teeth. They are fixed using a special kind of cement. Made in custom sizes, they are either made of steel or rubber. The bands are often used to connect the brackets.

Apart from when a person is eating or brushing, they should wear their bands all the other time. Wearing the oral bands over time is one of the most effective solutions to tooth gap issues. It is also easy to wear as one can put them on themselves without any complication. Orthodontist recommends bands because of their convenience and affordability compared to other methods of closing teeth gaps. One type of oral band that have persisted over time is the molar band. This is because molars are one of the most active teeth, and putting in brackets without the bands can lead to their breakage.

The success of bands is reliant on avoiding some practices. This will ensure one gets quick result from the bands as fast as possible. One should avoid sticking, hard and carbonated foods and drinks, use electric toothbrushes, and ensure that they have the oral bands on as frequently as possible.

Getting the right set of oral bands is very important. This is because putting on the correct kind of dental band ensures that the brackets are not strained. Correct bands ensure that brackets are stable, so they don’t break off easily.


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