Maintain a Perfect Vision with These Precious Health Tips

Eyes are the most precious asset gifted upon us by God. As we know, that this power of vision is bestowed only by the presence of our eyes and thus it is for the sake of this vision that we should take extra care to keep our eyes healthy and functional. But, in these busy and demanding corporate world, man has little time to consider and take care of his basic needs.

Some of the most common eye problems experienced by people are:

Red Eyes: This type of condition arises when the surface of the eye is covered in blood vessels that undergoes a certain extent of inflammation when infected. This causes irritation in our eyes and the person is prone to itching the eye surface all the time. This condition might arise due to extreme exposure to sunlight, allergies due to dust, working on computer for longer time or lack of a good night’s sleep. Conjunctivitis is one of the major causes of Red eye.

Eye Strain: Most common problem among those who work relentlessly for longer hours on their computers or laptops or read too much suffer with this ailment. The muscles around your eyes get tired and you need to give them proper rest from time to time. But even if the condition persists then consulting an eye specialist would be the best course of action.

Dry eyes: In this condition, the eyes are not able to create good quality tears which are required to wash out the dirt from our eyes. And if the condition takes a serious turn then it may lead to complete loss of vision.

Tearing in eyes: Harsh sunlight, dust, wind have a bad impact on our vision. Therefore, people are sometimes suffering from Eyes tearing. The tearing may become an advent for any infection or a blocked tear duct.

Conjunctivitis: This is the inflammation of the areas around the eyelids which is painful and the patient experiences itching along with redness in the eyes. There are also some kind of discharges that oozes out of the eyes. The primary causes of such a condition is allergy, infection or exposure to dust or chemicals.

Computer Vision Syndrome: As the name suggests, this problem arises when a person is sitting before a computer for a lengthy period of time. This creates a whole range of pain in the eyelids and muscles around the eyes. It can affect the people of every age group who have the habit of working for prolonged hours on computer.

To bring some life to your eyes and cure the persistent tiredness from them follow some of the incredible health tips that can surely prove beneficial for a long term.

  • Since this is a bitter truth that we have to continue with our work at all cost therefore it would be better for us to work under proper lightening or a well-lit situation that will help in reducing the strain that we are putting in order to read out the text from the screen. You should avoid working with your drapes closed or under a light bulb of low power.
  • When you are working on a computer, keep the glare of the screen in check. This appropriate illumination would impose less strain on your eyes. Wearing anti-glare glasses or using anti-glare screens can help in correcting your vision problem. This is mostly advisable to those who are working for prolonged hours and have the tendency to develop Computer Vision Syndrome.
  • Exercising the eye muscles is the best way to remove fatigue from eyes. Look away from your computer after every 20 minutes of working. This would bring a change and calmness to your eyes. Perform an eyeball exercise by rotating them in all directions in a slow rhythmic manner. This opens up the confined muscles of eyes.
  • You may apply eye gel pads on your eyes to rejuvenate the vitality in them. The coolness of the eye pads effectively reduces the strain that is persistent in the eyes.
  • Use sunglasses when you are out in the sun. Using a proper shade can greatly reduce any harm that may be caused due to harmful and glaring rays of the sun. People who cannot work without eyeglasses can make use of prescription sunglasses that are available these days.
  • People using lenses should not keep on wearing them for longer hours as it causes dry eyes among them.
  • If you are consistently facing problems with your eyes, it is better to consult a specialist or visit an eye hospital nearby you because delaying such a condition might grow into something disastrous that can cost you your vision for life.

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