Indoor And Outdoor Games Sure to Be A Hit At A Birthday Party

The previous generations used to be a lot more fun for children. They had more siblings, and more playtime. As the days passed, most kids are single children of their parents in nuclear families. And the lesser said about school pressure, the better. So, it is only fair they get at least a birthday bash to look forward to every year.

Now, every parent is busy working to run their family. Many people genuinely don’t find the time to arrange a birthday party or have a lot of people over. The few holidays you get, you prefer to spend at home, sleeping, getting takeout, and watching a movie with the partner and the kids. Life gets even tougher for single parents who juggle way too many roles every day.

But none of this is the child’s fault and children deserve some memorable birthday parties. Worry not, there is a way in which you can give your child the special treatment on their birthday without having to work your head off over it. Connecting with a banquet hall for birthday party, you may solve this eternal trouble of preparations for them.

Let the banquet hall take care of the party decoration, the food, and the gift wrappings as well. All you need to do is cut a good deal, pay, and be present with your child and the friends and other guests, to have a fun day together.

You must already have some idea as to what refreshments to arrange for, which guests to invite and what kind of decoration to get done, how many balloons and all. You can state the requirements to the planners and they will take care of it. To add to the fun of the day, you need to arrange for some events which the children will enjoy playing, and the adults accompanying them would enjoy too. Don’t worry, the banquet hall management will make all the arrangements. All you have to do is state what games you want to play and what kind of gifts and return gifts you want wrapped for the children to find.

Have a look at some of the Fun outdoor and indoor birthday party games you could play with relish:

Balance beam

This is an outdoor game you can play using a lot of the space you have paid for. You can have the wood and tape lined up in spirals and various angles to add to the fun. You can make it a race where the fastest child gets a prize. You can even make a slippery slope by adding soap water, making sure the falls will be all soft and fun. You can take it a level above if you think the guest parents you invited will be cool with it because trust it, the children will all be more than happy to enjoy sweet little falls.

Touch and feel

This is a great indoor game for little children and for not so little ones as well. Blindfold the children and let their sense of touch help them find out what they are holding. The objects could even be little toys that you mean to give away as return gifts, or they could be just about anything that is okay for a child to touch. This game is not just fun but educational in the sense it makes children notice their sense of touch, it helps them realize what it is like to see things without their eyes.

Treasure hunt

There is nothing that teases the brain cells more than a treasure hunt, even for adults. Treasure hunt can be both, an indoor and outdoor game, but it is fun if it is an outdoor game so that you get to cover a much bigger area, including the indoors. You can talk to the party planners for ideas to go about the game and they can prepare the entire setting. When you have decided over one of the places to have a birthday party and have hired a really efficient party planner, there is a chance even you can participate in the game because you won’t even have to know beforehand what was arranged. You can give different treasures for different teams to find, or one treasure that the winning team finds. The game will be fun. If you don’t want this to involve gifts, or if you have the gifts planned for another event, you can make the treasure hunt more rewarding by leaving candy along with every new hint.

Keep the balloon up

This is one fun game for kid’s birthday party that might start off lame. The adrenaline rush the kids will feel while trying to keep the balloons from touching the ground will surely channelize out all that extra energy from them. Make it an outdoor game so that nobody hits a furniture or a lampshade. After they have had a good deal of keeping the balloons up, kids will want some hydration and some time to sit calm. So, that would be an ideal time for the adults to catch up on their socializing as well. Get your kids all tired so that there is no running around for them for some time.

Hide and seek

This classic game again can be turned into a fun adventure. If you think it is safe, you can include the outdoors too. Just make sure no kid gets away on the road. As long as that is taken care of, let them go hide wherever they want, under the bed, in the tree out in the garden, and have fun looking for them. Children love hide and seek and you know the grownups will join in too.

Sack race

This classic outdoor game never gets boring. Let the children and grownups participate alike to make it more fun. Kids love to laugh at grownups tripping. This will be so much fun, your party will be a guaranteed hit.

So you now have some fun ideas for indoor and outdoor games to play at your child’s birthday party. You can play all these games at a hired banquet hall, or at home, and none of it costs anything. Enjoy.

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