Indian Jewellery Varieties That you Might Not Have Even Heard About

Evolution is omnipresent in every walk of life. From technology to lifestyle, each and every aspect has been stirred with an update time and again. The same change has brought about in the designs and styles of Indian jewellery. The jewelleries that were prevalent in our society and culture for centuries have taken up different shapes and sizes that are collateral with the changing trends and choice of people. Heavily ornamented jewelleries are talk of the past and are somehow have been restricted to brides as it goes well with her attire and style.

Talking of jewelleries, it’s not just restricted to gold or silver, there are numerous different varieties that are unknown to most of us. Get to know a little about these other kinds of jewellery types.

  1. Antique Jewellery: With a rustic and oxidised texture, this jewellery has an old-world charm that is collateral with different occasions and attire. Though not antique in literal sense, this type of jewellery appears to be a favourite among the women of all ages. The design and art of these trinkets are such that it catches your attention with its neutral appeal.
  2. Kundan Jewellery: Made with a glass stone structure, Kundan jewellery has a royal essence and is prevalent in the country since the Mughal era. But, its popularity has spread out to Rajasthan, Punjab etc. Moreover, certain Kundan jewellery has elaborate designs on the frame which is done using enamel of different colours with a process known as Meenakari.
  3. Meenakari jewellery: With a traditional background supporting its evolution, Meenakari jewellery gained its popularity from Rajasthan. It’s basically an intricate engraving or designer structure made of brass or copper embedded on the ornaments that gives a glamorous appearance to the wearer.
  4. Lac jewellery: With its origin from Jaipur city, Lac bangles are very popular pieces among women. It gained its prominence among the tribal people for who buying a jewellery was considered a luxury. The creation of lac jewellery is a complex and arduous process that takes a lot of time to get into shape.
  5. Bridal Jewellery: Though not a category in itself, bridal jewelleries have taken up a section among all the existing jewelleries. You may even buy bridal jewellery online from various sites that offers diversified designs and excellent quality. These are of superior look that enhances the bridal attire to the fullest.
  6. Pearl jewellery: The shiny coated structure, pearls are a rarity and one of the oldest gem on this earth to be discovered. They are created in clean seas within a range of temperature inside seas shell. These are shaped and sold in various sizes and designed from round to oval in various colors.
  7. Ivory jewellery: As the name suggests, this type of jewellery was made from ivory present in the tusk of elephants. But, it has been totally banned due to the disturbance it creates in the fauna. Now-a-days, replicas are available that provides the same touch that was present in the original one.
  8. Stone jewellery: These of semi-precious to precious variety with a heavily formed structure. Prevailing in the Indian society, these stone jewelleries are a reflection of the mastery of our Indian craftsman and artisans who have a history of designing these jewelleries. Mostly used for astrological purpose, these jewelleries are a marvel among themselves.
  9. Navratna Jewellery: Nav or Nine, this jewellery piece is comprised of nine types of stones that are set together and gives a majestic appearance to the wearer. These stones have various hidden meanings and are used for various purposes for a long time. Many famous celebrities are partial to Navratna jewelleries and like wearing them on special occasions.
  10. Pachchikam Jewellery: This style was originated in Gujarat and comes under the category of contemporary fashion which has a traditional touch. With an intricate design and a fragile look, these jewelleries used stones to have a celestial look.
  11. Bead jewellery: These are not a costly avocation and is an amalgam of modernity and historic era. These could be paired up with a traditional or a modish look.

Different parts of world have different varieties and the list is endless. Explore the varieties of jewelleries and get a new style every day.

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