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How to Promote Your Business

The Internet has changed the concept of a traditional company, of that there is no doubt. The ‘lifelong’ businesses have been forced to modernize to be competitive, opening up to previously unknown routes, such as E-commerce. According to Darwinian philosophy. The risk for entrepreneurs is, precisely, to do nothing.

If we refer to purely businesses, digitization is almost obligatory. A neighbourhood store, a pharmacy or an electrician, for example, can only sell their products or services in a certain geographical area, mostly. That is why it is so important that people who are close to these types of companies can easily locate them. That’s where local marketing comes into play.

How to Promote Your Business

Local searches are the gateway to our business for many users who are close to us. To reach them, you have to start up different actions, from web geo-location to segmented advertising campaigns.

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Business Web

The website should look professional and should reflect the brand of your online business, you should never overlook that it is easy to use. Getting customers to trust the website and not find obstacles in navigation will be paramount to build loyalty. The most advisable to get an effective website is the hiring of a freelance programmer.

Blogs as part of the marketing strategy of any business have proven to be an effective way to inform and help potential customers. Try to get the whole team of your company involved and share ideas with customers.

A blog is also a good way to communicate new product launches, offers and news. At first, it will take you a while to find the hole and gather a number of interesting visits, but when it starts to work they will be all advantages. You can even get other bloggers to talk about you and link your content. Anyway, if you want a tip:  Your content will be what defines your brand and not visits to your blog, you must generate useful content without obsessing with the numbers.

Business Web

Moreover, do not sacrifice the quality of your content for your voice on the networks; whether it’s fun or serious your social media content, it should always be informative and useful for your customers. If a potential customer visits your page and finds nothing but self-promotion messages, they will be less likely to explore or follow the profile. Research shows that promotional material is seen as spam and is often ignored in communications through social networks. Since this is obviously the last thing you want to happen, you’ll want to add value to your followers with your messaging.

If your business has a blog with industry news, it’s a great way to promote both your content and demonstrate your brand’s experience in the field. However, if there is useful information from other sources, do not hesitate to share it with your clients; Even if someone else wrote the advice, you are still the one who pointed them in the right direction.


Having a strong capacity for networking is vital for a business that is beginning to take its first steps. No doubt what works best is to attend all the events as possible, a way to meet other people with your same interests and experience.


Another way to do networking is to participate in fairs in the sector, get them to talk about you and you will have the chance to show “a face” behind the brand. If you have sufficient resources you can sponsor a local event, or participate in some way in the organization of an event or in the distribution of a prize. The idea is to link the brand of your online business with good experiences for users.


Advertising is the key factor for any business promotion. Use SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), use of targeted keywords and, the competition for the best keywords is higher. The important thing is that our ads correctly insert the physical address of the establishment so that the user places us geographically this all advertisement can be done by Ad word. Advertising can also help us to give out specific promotions directed directly to our close public. This also applies to campaigns and sponsorships we can do on social networks, where the possibility of segmentation is complete.

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