How to Pick a Dress that Looks Good on Your Body Shape

How to Pick a Dress that Looks Good on Your Body Shape

God has created us in all sizes and shapes. Some of us are tall with skinny body type, others are petite. Some are curvy and some are small but cute. Body shape is important and it is what makes our appearance noticeable. But what makes us even more perceptible is our way of dressing. Unfortunately, not many know the drill of dressing up according to their body shape, which is very important. Therefore, we are here with some ideas that will help you in picking out the best outfits in the long run.

Measure Yourself

It is quite easy to tell your body shape by simply observing yourself in front of a mirror. However, if you have doubts or you are indecisive as to which body shape category you belong to, measure yourself. Take out your measuring tape and note sizes from your bust, waist, and hips. That will give you a clear image of where you stand.


If you have this body shape then you need to draw attention away from your thighs and towards your shoulder. This is because balancing your look is important, so incorporate scarves, colorful or heavy necklaces, and vibrant pashminas are perfect around the neck for you. Also, avoid wearing skin tight jeans or tight pencil, short skirts. Flared pants as well as a-line skirts are best option for you. Most importantly, wear dark colored pants.

Rectangle Shaped

Women with rectangle shaped can wear different things to highlight their physique. Since, this type does not have curves, clothes can however do the work. Make sure you choose things that accentuate your shoulders, bust, and hips. For that, you can go for waist length jackets, mid-section or ruffled tops, and accessories that can add volume to your shoulder and upper part. Another important trend for you is peplum. Where peplum skirts, dresses, and tops to highlight your lower part.

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Women with apple-shaped figure need to wear clothes that do not drag attention towards the waist of mid section. If you are a belt lover, don’t wear it around your waist but below your bust. Also, add layered tops, tunics and ruched tops as they will most definitely look good on a body shape like yours. Moreover, your tops should go below your waist and not above it.

Hourglass Shaped

Hourglass figured girls need to highlight their curves. That can be done by adding details around shoulder and waist line. Make sure you are not going for baggy clothes as they will ultimately flatten your look. Instead, go for pencil skirts, V-necked tops and dresses that can accentuate your overall physique.

Once you shop according to your body type, you will figure out a huge different in appearance just by adding clothes that fit well on your body shape. Michaels Coupon Code

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