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How To Earn Money From SFI Affiliate Marketing?

How To Earn Money From SFI Affiliate Marketing?

SFI marketing group is the best affiliate marketing system to earn money online without investment. Know more about SFI here.

We can earn in three ways:

  • As a Customer: Buy your favorite products using VP or MRP and save money
  • As a Marketer: Invite customers to your Tripleclicks store and earn regular income on every sale that the customer brings for lifetime.
  • As a Seller: You can earn cash by selling your own products in their Tripleclicks store.

SFI is all about collecting VP’s and maintaining Leadership level. There were 5-Stages in this business which determines our ranking and Income potential. Once after your registration you were ranked as an Affiliate.

SIX Stages in SFI:

  • Affiliate
  • Executive Affiliate (EA) – Require 1500 VP every month
  • Bronze Team Leader (BTL) – Require 3000 VP every month
  • Silver Team Leader (STL) – Require 4000 VP every month
  • Gold Team Leader (GTL) – Require 5000 VP every month
  • Platinum Team Leader (PTL) – Require 6000 VP every month.

What are the Versapoints(VP)?

(VP) Versapoints are the points which will be given to you for every action in the SFI website. One of the reasons behind SFI success is immediate income growth once you registered.

You can earn 1500 VP in your first month itself and you will eligible to become EA. Once you become EA, now SFI comes to support you to start earning more.


Once you attain EA, SFI itself will assign two CSA (Co-Sponsored Affiliates) – I mean customers, and you will earn 20% commissions on all purchases made by them for lifetime.To keep CSA with you, you need to maintain your EA status every month with 1500 VP.

SFI will sponsor 50 CSA once you ranked as BTL, STL, PTL, and GTL. Your income will be harvested into 12 Deep levels once you become Team Leader in order of 6, 8, 10, 12 levels. So, NO Affiliate Marketing Company will assign customers under your down line but SFI does.

Every successive month, place a Standing Order of 125T-Credit pack which helps to maintain your EA status and other leadership ranking levels.

Tip To Be Successful In SFI To Earn More :

  • Login daily and complete To-Do-List and score VPs
  • Place a Standing Order of 1500 VP valued product, to which I am recommending 125 T-Credits pack.
  • Duplicate your Sponsor and Market your online Store.

So, You can earn more money without any investment at the first month itself. All payments will be paid on every month 20th for the previous month earnings once you reached minimum payout limit which is $20 Via PayPal and $50 Via Cheque (For U.S citizens).

In direct selling marketing system, SFI takes care of all activities which include Packing, Forwarding, Shipping, Delivering a product and even live customer support to customers on behalf of sponsors and we need not to worry on all these things.

So, Only our work is to sponsor or refer them to SFI and build a communication and relation with those active affiliates. Frequent contact and updates among affiliates and sponsor helps building a strong business platform where everyone can earn. All incomes are taxable according to their respective country laws.

SFI provides a training and tools to all affiliates at their website. Friendly supports are there to guide us through the forum session.

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