4 Surprising Health Benefits of Sleep

Sleeping is as necessary as breathing or eating. The quality and quantity of hours of sleep directly influences our health and well-being. Sleeping enough hours (the average in an adult is 7-8 hours, in children, between 9-10 hours) is essential for sleep hygiene due to its repairing effect. During sleep our organism and our mind reach an intense muscular and psychic relaxation.

Benefits of Sleep
Benefits of Sleep

This relaxation improves the oxygenation of different organs and systems, allowing the recovery of energies. People use supplements to maintain their health but the natural way to maintain your health is the sleep timing, the maximum time a human requires for sleeping and maintaining a healthy lifestyle as recommended by SupplementsBit.

Strengthens Memory

As science has confirmed, sleeping well is fundamental for neuronal connections. A team of researchers from Israel has shown that sleep is essential to fix memories in long-term memory and to improve dexterity. Sleep, either at night or during nap, has a positive effect on the mind, improving among others the level of attention and memory and, when added to the relaxing effect on the brain, promotes creativity.

Improves mood, concentration and intellectual performance. In fact, as pointed out by the National Sleep Foundation of the United States, sleep or sleep poorly causes difficulties in understanding and decision making. According to research in the US, sleep helps to consolidate selective emotional memory and organize relevant brain information.


A good rest helps to be more attentive to our surroundings and improves our memory. While we sleep, in the process of rapid eye movements (MOR) our brain processes everything we have lived the previous day: it builds memories and connections between what we think and feel.

It also defines our behavior. At this stage we dream deeply five times a night, very short at the beginning and longer towards the end between 90 and 120 minutes in total. If we do not get enough sleep, we will have the risk of being out of focus, having a bad memory and going crazy.

The same thing happens with learning, which takes hold once we process, categorize and store information in long-term memory. Through it, rules, habits and even processes such as riding a bike or swimming are retained. The dream participates in a very relevant and decisive way in them.

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Help To Lose Weight

Did you know that sleep helps you take care of your weight? In fact, poor sleep or lack of sleep is one of the declared enemies of the weight, since it is a risk factor to control the metabolism. Poor sleep hygiene increases the chances of being overweight or obese, as well as diabetes. Resting insufficiently, that is 7 hours or less at night, can cause disorders in the metabolism.

Sleeping little stimulates to eat more and more sweet, because the hormones that regulate the appetite are altered. To control appetite, glucose levels, and keeps extra pounds at bay, pay attention to sleep. Resting the necessary can help us fight from being overweight to cardiovascular diseases.

Lose Weight
Lose Weight

It is true that sleep deficit contributes to cardiovascular risk and can inhibit the secretion of hormones such as lepton, which intervenes in satiety.

It can also act as a brain cleansing and eliminate certain toxins, such as a protein that is related to Alzheimer’s disease. There are studies conducted on rodents, which showed that during sleep, the cerebrospinal fluid penetrates much more into the brain and allows it to be purified.

Avoid stress

Sleeping enough is beneficial for our body to recover from stress and damage caused by external conditions. So, by sleeping, we will restore both our body and our mind. When our body does not rest enough, the blood pressure increases, we begin to feel stressed and this makes it difficult for us to rest. It is a vicious circle that we must avoid.

Lose Weight
Lose Weight

Resting well between 7 and 9 hours a day helps protect us from stress and that is why, after a good rest, we feel like new. Sleeping well has a therapeutic effect for our mind and mood. When sleeping, our body produces serotonin and melanin; the hormones that make us feel happier and counteract the effects of the so-called stress hormones (which are multiplied by lack of sleep). Relaxation dilutes tension and stress.

Healthy Heart

Sleeping well also protects the heart. During sleep there is a drop in blood pressure, which reduces the risk of heart attack.

Healthy Heart
Healthy Heart

In fact, suffer insomnia, according to several scientific studies, increases the chances of suffering from heart problems.

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