Goa Honeymoon: 10 Ways to Make Your Time Spent Together Just Unforgettable!

Goa Honeymoon: 10 Ways to Make Your Time Spent Together Just Unforgettable!

As versatile as Goa is, people from all walks of life can find something or the other to amuse and keep busy for minimum a week and maximum as much as one may wish. The same goes for couples planning honeymoon there. There is so much to see, explore and live that a week might seem too less. But, as the busyness of daily life demands, one has to return to it, why not refreshed enough from a week long romantic holiday in the paradise of lovers’ getaway destinations: Goa. For those who are wondering how to make this week one of the most memorable, we have few quick tips for you.

Goa Honeymoon: 10 Ways to Make Your Time Spent Together Just Unforgettable!

About Place

  1. Stay in a lavish hotel for at least a day and do nothing else but cuddle, chat and bond. Pampering on the first day of your vacation is highly recommended but you can opt for the last day of the trip as well. Have Spa together, spend time in pool, have romantic dinner in your dinner dress. Make yourself feel special.
  2. Heard much about Goa parties; it’s time to be part of one of these. There are many attracting different groups of people with different inclinations. Find which one suits both of you and dance like you never had before, be it in a pub, jungle, beach or a hilltop. Let yourself loose.
  3. Plan beforehand where you want to go and what all you want to see so as to not waste time during the vacation. You don’t want to spoil your mood over silly misplanning or haggling over price in an auto / taxi or pretty much everywhere. You can save yourself by picking a Goa honeymoon package. Your honeymoon made stress-free with these holidaying experts.

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About Each Other

  1. You can think of ways to make your days more fun. Read together, wake up early for the baby sun, relax on a beachside while ordering a cool drink from creative shacks. Do not hesitate from role-play and adorning unexpected dress and makeup to surprise your other half.
  2. If there’s something you want to try but not your partner, which could be a place or a fun workshop or sport, do this apart. Spend a day of your long honeymoon separately and then narrate your experience on a pre-decided meeting place. You would remember it long after the holidays are over.
  3. Keep a record of where you went and what all you did separately and then share at the end of the trip you would be surprised by the ways your thought / perspective match or differs. This will also help you to understand each other better.

About things to do in Goa

  1. Go for water sports. That’s a must do even if you really never have thought about it. But going away from Goa without getting wet while snorkelling, scuba diving or parasailing, is not done.
  2. Pick an island for feeling of being out of Goa yet being in it. Your best options include Divar Island, Chorao Island and Grand Island. Choose for homestay and add an extra dash of getting to see Goa as locals do.
  3. Goa Backwaters are something You must include in your honeymoon package of Goa. After all, there are options other than Kerala if backwaters are on your mind. The serpentine rivers would take to to a different paradise all together.
  4. Cruise on River Mandovi is another essential of Goa holiday, especially with your partner. Once you are on the cruise you will know why you won’t forget your honeymoon in Goa.

Have fun!

Authored By Jyoti

Jyoti is a travel writer, who love to explore different destinations across the globe, In the above article Jyoti is sharing her views about her recent Holiday Package for Goa.

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