Get to know about air-conditioning merits and demerits on health

Get to know about air-conditioning merits and demerits on health

Get to know about air-conditioning merits and demerits on health

Air conditioners are an essential need of every place. No one imagines their homes without this because it helps us in beating the heat. When we all are sweating outside, and the only way to keep us chill and fresh in summers are an air conditioner. It doesn’t matter either your air conditioner is working error free or not various studies have figured out that chillers are not good for our health. Although these are the only ways to rejuvenate us it’s important for everyone to get to know about their harmful effects on the health.

We are not prohibiting air conditioners. Its true air conditioners are the blessing when we have to deal with summer heat. It has few advantages as well let’s discuss few of them before moving to its adverse effects on health.

Protection from dehydration

In high temperatures, air conditioners would protect us from dehydration and heat wave so we can say we don’t have to deal with this longer. You can give better protection to babies and adults who have different problems with summer waves.

Reduce respiratory disease

You might have no idea but let me tell you respiratory diseases like chronic obstructive and pulmonary disease can be reduced to great extent. So people who are suffering from these diseases they should know it won’t affect them at all.

Eradicate microorganisms

Air conditioners help in air circulation especially in rooms or workplaces. Only a few people know this that circulated air is already filtered out. This type of air is dust free; it won’t let grow a different type of microorganisms. It will be beneficial for the healthy environment, so air conditioner is improving health and protecting you from seasonal allergies.

Let’s take a look below at its severe effects on our health and these outcomes are quite harmful.

Seasonal allergies

The air conditioner is recommended for seasonal allergies, and if you people have to protect yourselves, then you should know what the main reasons of pollen are. Air conditioner should not be poorly maintained. Make sure you have removed all the allergen factors that are making pollen symptoms worse than ever. Seasonal allergies would create more severe issues for respiratory problems. You might have seen mould which makes difficulties for people to breathe so yes poorly maintained air conditioner would be problematic for all who are suffering from seasonal allergies.

Respiratory infections

There are possible chances of germs growth and other viruses so people who are suffering from respiratory infections they would suffer from this more. People who have lungs infection, it will create more severe situation for them. Do you know few systems use cooled circuit with water? Reason is bacteria will grow quickly in warm and stagnant water so cooled circuit is being used to minimize its growth and don’t let to release into the air.

Asthma disease

People who are suffering from asthma they would get affected by the air conditioner. Due to Various studies and patient case histories have evaluated that air conditioner would trigger asthma problem so coughing and breath issues would be difficult to handle. If asthma patients keep on using the air conditioner, then lung infections and asthma problems would get worse. This is understood that these units would make these issue more severe for asthma patients.

Other Problems

Air conditioning would make your health more badly than asthma or other respiratory infections. You might have to face eyes infections, headaches, sore throat, and arthritis.

Maintenance Suggestions

This one is mandatory if you people haven’t done its maintenance yet then done with that immediately. You people need to take care of various aspects including air conditioning should be used in moderation. For indoor and outdoor temperature variations you people should go for 8 Celsius. Air conditioning maintenance is a priority.

Majority units use water so if your system is using water then don’t forget to change that regularly because stagnant water isn’t good for the unit. Various professionals are suggesting you to read user manual which is given with these units to avoid all kind of issues. Mostly we don’t know how to get over with this so manual would help us to get to know about all the problem in details and we get the solution immediately. Whenever you will go for maintenance a special service book is provided by servicing company on which maintenance date is mentioned so whoever will maintained your unit next time he would easily get it about previous maintenance.

Personally I wasn’t aware of this, majority areas are following this routine. Recently I came to know about this type of routine when I had Air conditioning repair in Edinburgh where booklet was given to me for further maintenance dates. Its up to you when you will go for maintenance So everything has their merits and demerits but these are the one that would help you in healthy lifestyle.

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