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Is there a future of football in India

Is there a future of football in India

Is there a future of football in India

Talking about a few years back the football in India was not so bright however after the initiation of the I league in India, the future of football seems very bright now. This very swift growth in India has rose since the previous past five years. This rapid growth has occurred due to a lot of factors. The factors include the outstanding performances of football players, the infrastructure and the infatuation of the audience. The progress of India can be seen from the fact that India had been ranked as position 173 in the year 2015 but later in 2017 they had progressed and moved to the 96th position. Their statistics had been improved than in any other years before. This statistic is likely to increase further more in the coming years.

Top leagues in India

The top two leagues in India which have played a very vital role in India to let the fate of Indian football change are the Indian league and The Indian super league. The Indian league and the Indian super league are very famous and prestigious and have the most supreme hand in increasing the prestige of football in India.

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Future of football in India

The future in India is very luminous ahead due to the infrastructure and grass roots of the football league. The infrastructure has now been strong and is growing over the past few years. The coaches of the teams and the foreigner players in Indian football league have played a vital role in the growth of love for football in India. The potential of football in this team has grown tremendously. The fate of Indian football team is growing too much and can be estimated from the fact that when Indian football league hosted the FIFA and gave them a very tough and hard competition. All the teams of India are very competitive and devoted to the enthusiasm of football. This factor has increased the chances that some other day India will be likely to beat the world FIF because they had been progressing swiftly in terms of everything. Indian football has progressed since the previous few years but now they are sure of the fact that they will keep on progressing further.


Keeping in mind all these factors it is confirmed that India sure has a future in football in the coming years. If they keep up the hard work and the interest in football they own then they will be able to retain the honour and prestige they have earned over the past so many years now. All they need to focus on now are their goals and their focused dreams which will help them attain success and will help them reach the next level. They will even be able to not only compete but also exceed the expectations of the fans by beating up the world champions too. They sure have a very luminous future in football ahead.

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