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Five Energy Saving Home Improvement Projects

The more environmentally and cost concerned we become as a society, the more need we have for ways to save energy and energy costs in our homes. Not only is it wasteful energy-wise to have inefficient systems in our home, but it’s effectively like throwing money right into the trash.

Thankfully, homeowners have a plethora of ways to green-ify their homes, both in the short and long term. It’s a win-win situation for most homeowners not only lowering their impact on the environment but on their monthly and yearly budget as well.

Here is our guide to 5 projects that can save you money either in the short or long term. Some are more cost-intensive than others, but all will ultimately lower your impact on the environment:


Older homes frequently have little to no insulation, and even if some exists it is not efficient at all. It may seem daunting, but it’s frequently an easier fix than you think. Take a look in your attic to assess the situation in your home, if it’s less than 12 inches you should seriously consider adding more or replacing what you have.

Old Windows and Doors

Assessing the condition of your windows and doors can identify areas of your home that frequently let drafts in and hot air out. Even though window replacement can get costly very quickly you may be able to get by with a new front or back door. These are typically one of the highest ROI home improvements a homeowner can make and can do a great deal to upgrade your curb appeal as well.

Water Heater

Water heating is the second largest energy expense for homeowners in the United States. Second, only to heating and cooling, water heating costs are one area that frequently gets forgotten when looking to save energy and cost. Upgrading your water heater to an Energy Star certified model could save you about 300 bucks a year, as noted by Brazos Minshew.


When assessing the condition of your roof, it’s important to take into account two important factors: current damage that exists and what could happen if that damage isn’t rectified. Obviously, repairing the current damage is a cheaper option than replacing the entire roof, but if your roof is in really bad shape that may be the only option. Roofing plays a large role in energy conservation because it’s the part of the home that absorbs the most sunlight, plays a major role in the home seal, and can gather ice that cracks major parts of the roof itself. Consider finding new lighter color and SPF resistant shingles when looking to upgrade your roof, they can save you some serious cash in the long run by helping out your air conditioner.

Heating & Air System

The single largest energy user and expense in your home. Optimizing your heating and cooling goes a long way to your energy bill and overall consumption. Energy Star has a list of their most efficient air conditioning units for 2018 and it is a fantastic resource.

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