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Find the Perfect Bedding that Goes with your Bedroom & suits your Style


Rest and peace. Yes, this is what you expect from your night time sleep when you stumble upon your bed after a day’s full of work. Well, the reason behind a peaceful and restful sleep is undoubtedly your favorite bed which seems more enchanting as the time to sleep gets closer. As we know that luxury comes in many forms. Be it a car, your pendant or a simple bed, anything that gives you pleasure will be luxurious to you and thus, when you are buying a bed you are definitely looking for the perfect size, durability, brand, style, storage and color that complements your bedroom immaculately.

But are you aware that beds are no more the simpler ones that they used to be. With modernity came transformation and this change has been thoroughly brought about in beds as well.

  • Sofa-cum-bed: These are some specialised modulated style beds that has two compartments in all. These beds are supported on wheels and could be folded in a manner to resemble a sofa. But, when the lower compartment is pulled out, it becomes your full-fledged bed. These beds are extremely useful when you have less space to accommodate the sofa as well as bed in your single room, thus it makes a better choice when you are staying in a studio apartment or a bachelor pad. These are even ideal to be dorm beds.
  • Guest Bed: These beds are basically manufactured keeping in mind the need of extra space when you have guests staying for a night or two at your home. Guest beds have movable mattress settled on a wheeled frame which could be pulled out when one has to sleep on it.
  • Platform Bed: These are like twin bed furniture with storage or may be sometimes without one that is constructed with a heavier latticed structure to support mattress of any size or bulk.
  • Divan Bed: These are the types of bed that are in trend since the ancient times. These are built over some castors and contains a storage space underneath the mattress. It could be of two types- a sprung edge or platform top. The sprung edge gives a cushiony appearance and feel while a platform one gives a sturdy look and a flat support to the mattress.
  • Murphy bed: Though named after William L. Murphy these are of a typical design where the beds get folded inside the vertical walls when it is not in use. This specifically saves a lot of space. You get to build nightstands and drawer or cabinets around these beds.
  • Bunk Beds: A child’s bedroom is like a little world to him where he grows, studies, sleeps and dreams. These bunk beds are a common sight in children’s bedroom which is a great space-saver and creates a funky and joyful look inside a room. Likewise, there are princess luxury beds for girls or car beds for boys that are so much favored by them.
  • Daybed: These are somehow placed in living rooms as well because of its dual look of a sofa as well as a mini bed, which could be used for little nap, reclining, lounging etc.
  • Poster Bed: Also called as four-poster bed, these beds contain four wooden posts around the bed’s corner that is basically used to support some upper panels. Previously, these beds were made with wood but now-a-days these beds are made from variety of material configurations.
  • Canopy Bed: These beds are just like the four-poster bed with four wooden columns giving a royal and antique look in all. But, the difference lies in the placement of the upper shade panel which basically bestows a look of tent covering the entire bed. These are used in bedrooms that are large in size as these are bulky in themselves.
  • Ottoman or Adjustable Bed: These beds are having a smarter storage space with easy lifting of the base with the help of struts and are a perfect replacement to Divan Bed as it minimizes the outer clutter of drawers with its huge space inside.
  • Panel Beds: These are like a simple bed but has a headboard made of cushiony material or wood. A little different from platform beds, panel beds have side rails that uses a boxspring and mattress.
  • Sleigh Bed: These have the shape of a sleigh with a scrolled head and footboard that is made from wood. These are quiet an ancient piece of furniture that are available since 1800s.
  • Futon Bed: This is more of a Japanese style of bedding. This is a type of bed which uses a padded mattress that can be unfolded during sleeping and can be folded back during day time where the space could be used for other useful purposes. It is constructed on a wooden or metal frame that supports the mattress above ground. This folded mattress could also be used as a sofa.
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