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Essentials Tips for Storing Irrigation Equipment’s


Essentials Tips for Storing Irrigation Equipment’s

As the irrigation season ends, every farmer needs to store the equipment used for irrigation. It is essential to store the irrigation equipment to ensure that the machine will work in the next season. Proper storage also prevents the breakdown of the machinery and extends its life.

This post shares some essential tips for storing the irrigation equipment one by one.

Hard Hose traveler



Hard hose traveller is a system for moving the hard hose from one place to another. Before storing the pumping tube, you need to take out all the water form it. Pump the compressed air into the tube to blow out all the water. If you don’t have the air purging equipment, you can open the plug and drain the valve on the cart. Retract the hose slowly and make sure that it wraps accurately without flattening. Then replace the valve or drain plug.

Checking the components

Open the gate valve of the drive turbine and the drain plug. Reduce the tire pressure to 15 psi and inflate it to 40 to 45 psi before using again. Check all the hoses, valves and clamps for any possible damage and wear. Also, check the oil in the drive engine and change it if required. Also, clean the air filter and change it if damaged. Check the safety shields and replace them if needed.

Storing the big gun sprinkler



A big gun sprinkler is an irrigation device that is used for sprinkling the water in the fields, golf courses and farms. Before storing the sprinkler, you should check whether it functions appropriately both the ways. Check the nozzle, ring and bearings. If the nozzle and ring are worn, replace it, but if bearings are worn, it is better to replace the whole sprinkler gun. Also, cover the inlet adequately to avoid the insects and dust from entering in. onga pump parts help to improve cleaning pool.

Storing the diesel engine

Before storing the diesel engine, you need to check all its components, clean them and change the ones that need replacement. Most people don’t know how to service a diesel engine. It is best to call a professional and get it repaired before storing it for the offseason.

Moreover, it is essential to place the diesel engine in a dry and protected area where there is no risk of water. If you plan to place the diesel engine in an outdoor area, make sure that it is adequately covered

Linear Move system



A linear move system waters your fields by travelling back and forth across the fields. It receives the water form a canal and sprays it on the crops in a linear movement. Storing the linear move system involves inspecting the components and changing the oil. If you have used the system for more than 1000 hours, you need to drain and refill the oil in the gearbox. Check all the sprinklers for wear and lubricate the electric motors.

Also, check whether the moving parts rotate freely. Store the linear move system at a safe place. Make sure the system is out of reach of children and pets.

Impact portable sprinkler



Impact portable sprinkler is used to irrigate the lawns and gardens in which a sprinkler head moves in a circular motion by the force of water. One should check the nozzles and the movement of the sprinkler head before storing it. If there is any debris in the nozzles, clean it with a brush. Cover the nozzle and pipe base to prevent the insects and dust from entering them.

Agriculture pump

Agriculture pump is an essential device used for irrigation of crops in the farms. It is necessary to clean and service the pump before storing it in a safe place. Clean the dust on the exterior using a cleaning brush and flush the suction and discharge lines. Lubricate the pump bearings and seal all the open ports.

Store the agriculture at a clean and dry space that is out of reach of children. Also, you need to rotate its drive shaft every two to three weeks to prevent the internal parts from jamming.

Final Words

Before storing any equipment, it is necessary to seal all the openings, nozzles, remove the batteries and tension belts. When it’s time to reuse any equipment one needs to carefully remove the pump, engine, or traveller from the storage space and prepare it for reuse.

The reuse preparation process involves removing the protection covers, unsealing of openings, installation of batteries, tension belts and oiling the parts. It is best to perform the startup of any equipment following the steps as given in the operation manuals.

Offering proper care while storing and opening the irrigation equipment for reuse helps you keep them in excellent condition. Moreover, adequate maintenance during the operational season keeps the equipment’s performance up all the times. Well-Maintained equipment helps in growing healthy crops in every season.

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