Electric Blankets – The Most Sought after Products in Winters


Bed warmers are a hot item in cold countries.  For hundreds of year bed warmer were common household items in countries with cold winters. Earlier bed warmers were metal pans which were fitted with handles and use to shaped somewhat like modern frying pans fitted with lids. Those metal pans would load with hot coals and set under the spreads to warm them up. But modern bed warmers are more convenient and safe they include hot water bottles, electric blankets, microwave heating pads etc. Let us briefly understand these bed warmers function, purpose and how they are different from each other.

Electric Blankets

As cold weather approaches, people usually like to stay in warm covers. Therefore, many of them choose to use electric blankets to stay comfortable and warm throughout the night. Electric blankets are integrated heating devices that use thin electric wires which heats up when are plugged into and electric outlet. These electric blankets come in two types; first is an under blanket that acts as a mattress pad and the other is an electric over blanket which is used over a sleeper just like a standard blanket.

There are many benefits of using electric blankets that include comfort, electricity savings and convenience.

Using a heated electric blanket could significantly increase the quality of sleep. A perfect sleep environment always has the perfect temperature which varies with every individual. Having to tweak the thermostat every night to create the right atmosphere is cumbersome. Thus an electric blanket is used to get the perfect temperature.

Current electric blankets utilize low-voltage wiring that is significantly more secure than the hazardous more seasoned models that constituted a fire peril. The old covers utilized electric streams straightforwardly from the outlet, while new forms join a transformer that brings down the voltage that is flowed through the cover.


Different Types of Electric Blankets

When purchasing an electric blankets safety is the top most concern, therefore it is important to note the date of purchase. To ensure safety, electric blankets must be replaced every 10 years.

There are many types of electric blankets that fit with any decor. An electric blanket should not only be warm, it should also be comfortable, soft, and stylish. Let’s discuss about the various types of electric blankets available today.

Fleece Electric Blankets: Fleece electric blankets are one of the most comfortable types of electric blankets. Fleece is a plush, soft material preferred by most people for its comfort and warmth. Downy electric covers have a tendency to get hotter than most other warmed covers.

Microplush/Microfibre Electric Blankets: These electric blankets are the softest and highest quality electric blankets. They are made up of a fine acrylic fiber and are known for their softness and easy care. These blankets also do not have lint or pilling and generally last longer than other types of electric blankets.

Electric Throws: Electric throw blankets are smaller than traditional electric blankets, and more lightweight like a standard throw. They are known for their mobility and convenience; electric throws are perfect for keeping on the couch. Electric throws come in a wide range of materials and styles to fit with any home’s stylistic theme.

Electric Blankets and Duvets: These blankets are the most common form of electric blankets. People mostly prefer to choose such electric blankets instead of comforters due to their function and design. A top notch electric blanket comprises of negligible wiring and warms up rapidly. Utilizing a vitality proficient electric cover can without much of a stretch lessen warming bills and spare cash.



Safety Precautions for using an Electric Blanket

  • Electric blankets should never be soiled, scorched, or discolored. The sleeper and the blanket should be dry before use.
  • Abstain from utilizing of covers with worn texture or wires uncovered.
  • The lead and wire controller of underblankets ought to hang free and not got in the cover.
  • Over covers ought to be laid level on the bed to counteract overlays or wrinkles that can cause overheating.
  • Pre-heating electric blankets should be turned off before use.
  • Electric blankets should be unplugged immediately if it begins to smoke, burn, or discolor.
  • It is likewise critical to kill or separate the cover when it isn’t being used
  • Electric blankets should be fully cooled before they are folded and put away.
  • These blankets should only be washed based on the manufacturer’s specific safety instructions.
  • Electric blankets should be inspected by the manufacturer every three years to ensure safely.

How Electric blankets are different from Bed warmers

Electric blankets and bed warmers are terms regularly utilized reciprocally by a few people, to allude to a bit of covering with worked in warming gadget that can either be set on the body like a standard cover or set on the bed like a bed sheet. However these two products are not the same.

  • A bed warmer is placed on the bed while an electric blanket is used on top of your body or can be wrapped around you as cover.
  • Generally we sleep on a bed warmer, whereas we sleep under an electric blanket.
  • Heat from a bed warmer directly rises to our body, which benefits us while heat from electric blankets dissipates into our room.
  • Bed warmers are more economical. A huge amount of power can be saved by using bed warmers.
  • Bed warmers provide great therapeutic effect to those who suffer from arthritis and other body pains.
  • These warmers does not make a buzzing sound that disrupts sleep, thus are more comfortable.
  • Bed warmers don’t progress toward becoming wadded up or hurled around. Warming wires remain where they are knitted into the hotter and this ensures a more extended life expectancy for the item.
  • These warmers can easily be repaired or have good replacement services.






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