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Double melt Cheese and Mushroom beef burger

Double melt Cheese and Mushroom beef burger:

Are you tired of trying new burgers and always end up in disappointment? Here is a take on an authentic beef burger with a twist of double cheese and mushrooms. This burger is not only very delicious and juicy but will definitely satisfy you high chain burger cravings at home.

Most of the international and local burger chains can charge you much for authentic beef and mushroom burgers. These burgers are not only easy and quick to make but will cost you half from the cost you buy it from the burger chain.

The good thing about these burgers is the simple and juicy taste of beef along with the mushroom and cheese. When you take a bite, you will not only enjoy the taste of American cheese but also gooey mozzarella will melt out of the beef patty which makes the burger quite different from other regular cheese and beef burger. The mushrooms will also add a salty taste to the burgers which are irresistible.

For this recipe you will need following ingredients:

  • Burger buns
  • Mayonnaise
  • Mustard
  • Iceberg lettuce
  • Tomatoes
  • Onions
  • ½ kg beef mince
  • Salt pepper
  • Oil
  • American cheese slice
  • Morella cheese cube
  • Mushrooms
  • Ketchup
  • butter

How to make it?

For this delicious burger, you have to make a beef mince patty. Take the beef mince and remove any excess water. Now add salt and pepper and mix it well. You can now make a big out of it by making 4 portions of the total mince. Take one portion and flat it on your hand, now place a cube of mozzarella cheese in the middle and pack it from all sides. Freeze this patty for at least 30 minutes in a freezer so that all the salt and pepper is perfectly mixed and patty takes a good shape.

One the patty is rested well in the freezer heat the grill or pans on high flame and put little butter or oil in the pan. The heated pan will help to seal all the juices in the patty and the burger will very juicy as well. Now place the patty in the heated pan and cook it for 3 minutes each side. Flip the burger half way and cook the other side too.

Slice some mushrooms, Put some butter in the pan and place the mushrooms in the pan too. Sauté it and add salt and pepper to your mushrooms. Cook it and remove it from the heat.

For buns, heat the pan or grill, put some butter on the bun and place it on the pan. Now toast the bun and remove it from the pan.


This is the most interesting part which you can do as per your liking. You can add or subtract those ingredients which you like and remove those which you don’t.

1. Place the bun, add some mayonnaise on it.

2. Place iceberg lettuce on the bun

3. Add the cooked patty on the bun.

4. Place a slice of American cheese on the patty

5. Now put a good amount of mushrooms to your burger

6. Add tomatoes and onions

7. No, put some mustard and ketchup if you like.

8. Now place the top of the bun on its place and insert a toothpick.


From ½ kg beef mince, you can make four burgers.


As many ingredients are available in your kitchen already, this recipe will don’t cost much. All you need to buy the buns, beef, cheese and fresh lettuce to get started.


Marry Jojo is a cooking expert. She likes to try a wide variety of recipes. She knows how to diet properly while setting a tasty menu.

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