Compare Himachal Honeymoon Packages and Plan a Romantic Honeymoon

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Himachal Honeymoon

Go to Himachal, or Ladakh, or Rajasthan. Take a long trip. If you just got married you could use some Himachal honeymoon packages to plan a romantic getaway to Himachal Pradesh. You must have already visited some cities in the Himachal and so has your partner. So, you have two options, either list down the favourites out of the places you have been to and pick two or three cities or towns you both want to revisit. Or you could list down the lesser visited cities that you always wanted to explore but never got the chance. This is the right time to go on an adventure, to some place that is new for both of you.

A Himachal tour offers you a vast range of options. You can simply just stroll about with your newly married beau along the empty, serene mountain roads. You can also go for paragliding and treks if you are the adventure and fun loving couple. Whether you are a romantic, lazy couple, or the power packed adventurers, you will find ample things to do on your Himachal tour.

Places to Visit

Shimla, Kullu, Manali, Dharamshala, Dalhousie, and Chamba are common Himachal cities that everybody must have heard about if not visited. These places are common, they attract many tourists. But that does not mean they are the only places you can visit. These are places that hold the essence of Himachal Pradesh. If you have been to more than two of these places, you will know that each city is different from the other. At the same time, they will have some common factors that embody the Himachal essence.

You will love the people and the ambience. Even in the most crowded cities, it is never too crowded, at least compared to our metropolitan cities. The weather is always cool. You will love being there.

If you have already visited these cities, and are now looking forward to something more, go to Una, Chail, Sirmour, Solan, or Kasauli. Kasauli is a very sought travel destination now. It has become popular in the last few years. Shimla, Manali are getting a little too crowded honestly. Hence, they are losing their charm. But these are the signature cities for Himachal, so you must visit them at least once, even for a day.

If you want peace and quiet, stay at Kasauli. If you want to explore the cuisine and the cultural heritage of the Himachal area, go to Solan. Get hold of the Himachal tour packages and find out what each city has to offer. Make your plan according to what kind of activities you are looking for on this trip.

Plan Well

Do not worry about the bookings. If you have someone reliable, someone you know, well and good. If you don’t, you can always find someone. This isn’t the problem. The problem is, people don’t research enough to find out about the best deals or the best places to go. People often rely on what they have been hearing from their elders all these years and settle for the same places. But it is not a wise decision. Times have changed. Some old places are not beautiful anymore. There are some new places that are just starting to be known to tourists, so they are beautiful and comparatively empty.

If you want to go shopping on the malls, go for Shimla, Manali, and the likes. If you want to get away from everything, and just enjoy a quiet honeymoon, with nothing but the rustling of the leaves, the wind against the mountains, and each other’s breath to hear, go to the places like Kasauli, Palampur, and Banjar.

Take enough time on your hands. You only get to go on a first honeymoon, once. So do not leave room for regrets. You will like to stay at a place for some time, so do not plan for too many cities on a one week trip. You are not on a marathon. If you want an active tour, check out the activities available. You can go for paragliding, trekking, even rock climbing, but that is season bound.


When you are booking hotels, and a car for the local sightseeing, compare the prices that various places offer. You need to take into account important factors like the location of the hotel, the service, staff, etc. To gauge the prices, compare some all inclusive package holidays so that you have an estimate of the prices. Do bargain well. If you think the price is reasonable, do not push for further discount. But ask for favours like, help you with transport for local sightseeing, let you know which places would be good to explore, and so on.


You are on your honeymoon. You have selected a place that is not too crowded with bustling streets, and glaring street lights. Neither is it all empty, scarily quiet. So, Himachal is a safe place to travel, take long walks with your partner, into the evening. Have warm soup, have some beer. Enjoy the local delicacies, talk to the local people. You will love visiting the Himachal.

You can customise and hire one of the Himachal honeymoon packages if you want someone to take care of the entire decision making. Or you can check out those brochures to get an idea and go on your own, free to do whatever you want, go wherever you want, and stay there as long as you want. Make sure you both capture the romantic and peaceful moments on camera, and create many good memories.

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