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Clear And Unbiased Facts About Rebound Relationships (Without All the Hype)

Clear And Unbiased Facts About Rebound Relationships (Without All the Hype)

Clear And Unbiased Facts About Rebound Relationships (Without All the Hype)

Everyone must know some clear and unbiased facts about Rebound relationships without all the hype. While understandable in comparison long term or fun flings, the importance of transitional relationships cannot be understated. One needs to be clear as to what they mean including the purpose, pitfalls and pointers surrounding rebound relationships.

Purpose of Rebound Relationships

Because these forms of attachments typically follow the end of an extensive, established relationship noting their place within one’s romantic timeline proves important. This can be challenging for several reasons. Let’s look at the positive aspects of rebound relationships.

Prevents Relational Jumping: Some individuals find being out of a relationship a painful place. They may need the stability of a partner to help give them an identity. Rebound relationships present themselves as stable plateaus where someone can find out who they are outside of a long pairing.

Try New Things: With the reduced pressure inside the context of rebound relationships, one may try a variety of things. Some can be as simple as risky date idea to more intense communication styles. During this process, respect the other person and do not use them as test subject towards a future successful relationship.

Assess Relational Patterns: A person who leaps into long term relationships one after the next will never be afford the mental, emotional and relational space to see the ways they act within the construct. A little distance might bring things to the fore one never recognized like always dating the same type of individual or using similar problem solving models.

Pitfalls within Rebound Relationships

As with the purposes, problems exist in transitional relationships. They prove hard to define. They may also shortening the shelf life of longer term relationships. Seeing these permits the individual to take steps to minimize any negative impacts.

Distraction: Allowing things outside the relationship to take away from valuing the other person and growing together.

Problem Trading: Giving up one challenge for a new one never leads to deeper understanding or closeness among partners.

Partner Shopping: Wanting to move on means no real relationship, rebound or otherwise, ever become established.

Pointers to Know the Presence of a Rebound Relationship

Occasionally, a person finds themselves within another person’s transitional relationship. This typically comes as a surprise. Being aware of subtle signs of being in a rebound relationship provides context allowing the person to make the correct decision moving forward.

Isolation: If little to no overlapping of events involving family and friends, it may mean they are not taking things too seriously. Introductions to friends can cause stress, but being introduced demonstrates a lack of emotional concern.

Big Events: Dates centered around weddings, reunions or large celebrations points to someone being a safe bet. This scenario becomes more concerning when the lead time before the event comes shorter.

Sharing Nothing: Conversation topics dry up, hobbies fail to match and even taste in food appears diametrically opposed. A fine line exists between growing together and staying in one’s own lane until something better comes along.

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Respecting the other person, regardless of how long the relationship will last, is paramount. Rebound relationships possess numerous positive qualities, but they cannot be dictated by one side. It needs to be a shared decision. Communicating wants and needs while asking the other person about their own gives each the chance to define things properly. Enjoy finding out about yourself and the other person with the reduced stress of thinking about everlasting love.

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