Best trick scooters for beginners In 2018

Best trick scooters for beginners

A scooter, also known with skateboards, is a toy for children (it is also used as a vehicle between adults) that consist of a bar with a handlebar with two knobs and whose bar ends in a direction board. The scooter consists of sliding with one foot while the other is resting on said, board.

Since the invention of the scooter throughout the decade of the 60s, there has been a certain evolution of skateboards to end up having skateboards with motor today.  Scooters in all its varieties are much more than a toy for children; they are real machines and super versatile transport vehicles, ideal for travelling around the city, going to work, etc. There are all of best trick scooters on the market.

Best trick scooters for beginnersIf you do not yet know which scooter to buy, but you are one of those who bet on the best, you have to pay special attention to this selection, therefore we have made a list of best trick scooter, to focus on trick scooters with two perpendicular wheels (one front and one behind) and handlebars. The best trick scooter for a beginner is sure to be among this selection which will help you select the best product:

Fuzion Z300 Pro Scooter:

In the desire to achieve the best possible trick scooter with ever higher levels of efficiency is the desire of the buyer. Only weighs about 9 pounds.


This super trick scooter for adults is its digital display with odometer, information on total and partial distances and with great stunt material scooter, its handlebar designed to pivot 360º, and its fully collapsible body. The scooter is designed 100mm Dose wheels, 6061 Alloy Core Wheels with high rebound 88A PU and super-fast ABEC-9 Fuzion bearings.

Lucky TFOX Sig Pro Complete Freestyle Scooter:

This scooter Lucky TFOX Sig stands out for many things. The first thing we like is its material and quality to which the one can easily trust it. In addition, it has a super solid and stable structure. It has great wheels larger than the average, which provide a plus stability.

Finally, it is very easy to transport thanks to its only 3.58 kilos of weight and has super 82.5-degree head tube angle; fully integrated Lucky REVO headset, and rear brake. The scooter is one with a 110mm Lucky Lunar hollow core wheels. If your goal is to practice at the skate park or do tricks and acrobatics, then you could use a scooter for freestyle.

Lucky TFOX Sig Pro Complete Freestyle Scooter

As this scooter is designed for jumps then they are made of materials that resist the impact. They come with a durable aluminium cover, bolted clamp that makes them more durable and manoeuvrable; they generally have 360° handle and polyurethane wheels.

If the plan is to use the scooter on the streets, then this scooter is the best option with full aluminium guides for greater manoeuvrability and durability. Accompany them with polyurethane wheels and ABEC 7 bearings that offer smooth rides adapted to various types of soil and resistance to impacts.

Envy S5 Prodigy Pro Scooter:

When buying an Envy S5 Prodigy Pro Scooter, keep in mind that you are buying a stunt scooter for beginners. They are suitable for children, because they have a certain balance, and are not quite more expensive than normal stunt scooters.

It calls the attention of this brand its wheels of 6.5 inches, much more stable and resistant than those of a normal scooter, and the daring and colourful designs they present.

If you are new to this, it is more likely that you do not sound because they are not names that sound in other segments (as with other products), but there are brands that have been emerging in the manufacture of stunt scooters for a long time.

Envy S5 Prodigy Pro Scooter

The brand is very focused on getting really useful stunt scooter, capable of serving as a safe means of transport for the small distances and medium distances in the city, and with all the security. Materials resistant and lightweight, and high – quality material wheels, plus a good general construction, are the strengths of these scooters.

These scooters are halfway between classic scooters, and the most elementary scooters, with the advantage that they do not require a driving license, or insurance, nor of course, gasoline. Undoubtedly, these two-wheeled scooters have a large market in medium and large cities.

You had seen that in the world of stunt there is a lot of diversity and very little clarity in the names used to define each segment, but when we refer to scooters we are talking about stunt scooters able to take you anywhere comfortably, economically and ecologically.

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