Assam Tea – A Good Refresher with Several Health Benefits


Tea is a most loved drink of a large number of individuals around the world. Tea is devoured worldwide for its taste fundamentally and optionally as a good stimulant. Most of us wake up with a cup of tea and consider a good cup of tea as a great start of the day.

Tea is an easy enough beverage to prepare, tea can and is usually prepared at homes. Mostly all restaurants in the world offer different varieties of tea. It is usually consumed either with milk and sugar or as black tea, where no milk is involved, only boiled water. Ice tea is another favorite of tea lovers worldwide, especially in the west.

Assam Tea

Assam Tea has an exceptionally rich and solid flavor; this tea is generally known as a Black Tea. The region of growing Assam tea lies close to the hot and moist region close to the ocean level and a cool, arid winter. This is one unique growing conditions which gives the best Assam tea mix a mix of extraordinary flavor, making the district as a most gainful tea delivering region on the planet.

Assam black tea, often just called Assam tea, refers to black tea produced in the Assam region of India. Assam black tea is known for its tart, malty flavor, vigorous body and bright color. It is more commonly known as breakfast tea, or Irish breakfast tea. In spite of the fact that the Assam area delivers a modest measure of green and white tea, a mind larger part of teas created in Assam are dark teas.

To accomplish a flawless Assam tea taste, pour bubbled water and 1 teaspoon of tea leaves for three to five minutes at that point strain the leaves and your delightful and sweet-smelling tea is prepared for your satisfaction.




Health Benefits from Assam Black Tea

Assam dark tea is stuffed loaded with full of antioxidants, this team wins on taste as well as on medical advantages. It helps in diminishing the danger of heart attacks and strokes, and enhances blood flow. Assam dark tea may help upgrade the immune system and reduce the hazard for cell damage which thus may prompt cancer. This tea is excellent for its assuaging strain and nerves, and diminishing the danger of Alzheimer’s malady. Different advantages lie in oral wellbeing, by reinforcing teeth and fighting cavities.

In the battle against cancer, antioxidants in Assam tea help battle the harms created by free radicals which are seen as the wellspring of a large number of the present incapacitating ailments. This dark tea contains a decent measure of caffeine and has far more noteworthy medical advantages. Since Assam tea contains Vitamin B1 (thiamine) it empowers the body to utilize carbohydrates intake for energy-use, in this manner additionally upgrading blood circulation.

Production and Cultivation

In the initial two decades, the generation and development of Assam blend was hoarded by the Assam Company. Today, dominant part of the Tea Estates in the Assam is the individuals from the Assam Branch Indian Tea Association. It is one of the antiquated and anticipating tea makers of India. The Tea developed in the Assam district in not at all like in Darjeeling and Nilgiri’s.

Tea manufacturers in India generally pick and use premium quality tea leaves from tea gardens of Assam. Besides, they pack the tea powder with variegated bundling choices to meet the need of their customers.

About the Tea Crop

Tea develops in a respectably hot and humid climate, which is favored for better yield, trim appropriation and quality. A surrounding temperature inside 13°C and 28-32°C is favorable for development of tea. Temperature over 32°C is negative for ideal photosynthesis. It is synergically disastrous for the harvest on the off chance that it is joined by low humidity.

In India, the temperature in winters is around or beneath 12°C and there is not really any development amid this period. This is called Winter Dormancy. Flushing in the tea plants begins from March with the ascent in temperature.

Tips on drinking tea

There are numerous substances which are helpful to your wellbeing in teas. Actually the all the more frequently you drink tea, the more it will upgrade your wellbeing. A strong sound part like polyphenols, which is a solid hostile to oxidant, is accessible in tea. These anti-oxidants are said to slow the aging process while strengthening the immune system.

Individuals all through the world appreciate teas of different sorts. Here are a few hints for drinking tea to make the most of your tea experience without bounds and to maintain a strategic distance from any repulsive impacts of drinking tea.

  • One should not drink tea while hungry. As tea causes the concealment of the discharges of gastric squeezes and can diminish corrosive and bile in the stomach. Drinking tea while you are hungry will invigorate your gastric mucosa, making you lose hunger.
  • Tea should not be taken when it is excessively hot, as it can disturb and kindle your throat and stomach lining. Drinking hot tea can cause perpetual scarring and crudeness to these zones of your body.
  • Tea should not be prepared too strong, as strong tea contains excessively caffeine which can without much of stretch reason migraines and sleep deprivation and in addition aggravation and stomach issues.
  • One should always take newly blended tea, as there are no vitamins left in tea that is left sitting for quite a while, and this team can without much of a stretch develop microscopic organisms if left out overnight, which is unsafe to your body. In this way, drink just naturally blended teas.

If you follow this tips, it will guarantee that you have an incredible tea involvement with the most delightful and healthful tea to profit your body, while satisfying your sense of taste.


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