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Top 7 Ways to Make Money Online In 2018

make money online

The internet has really revolutionized the job market. It’s changed the way that people operate, allowing them to freelance and be their own boss. According to a report by the Freelancers Union, 53 million people are freelancing work in the USA alone.

7 Ways to Make Money Online

It has allowed people to work in more than one field, earn more money and fulfill their career dreams. If you would like to become a freelancer and make money online, here are some options for you to consider.

Amazon Affiliate sites

Amazon is one of the biggest online retailers out there and it can help you to make money! To become an affiliate, you need an online presence. So start by creating a blog that fits into a specific niche. Browse Amazon for the hundreds of product categories that you may want to create a site around, such as electronics, beauty, fashion, home appliances, and more. Yes, the commission amount is low, though you can make it for it in volume.

For an example of an Amazon Affiliate site, check out my site Ergonomic Trends. My passion is office health and ergonomics, so I decided to start a site in that niche. I make money when someone purchases one of the various ergonomic product I review, such as office chairs.

amazon affiliate

The key to gaining traction with Amazon niche sites is via SEO. Target long tail keywords (3-4 words) that are not too saturated with competition. Write amazing, long form content (over 1k words minimum), and master the art of outreaching to other blogs to do guest posting on. The combination of great content and backlinks generated using white hat guest posting can do wonders to boost your SEO, in turn, your traffic and potential income.

Start a Shopify Store

Shopify StoreAccording to Shopify, there are over 600k online shops powered by the platform. You can use a Shopify account to;

  • Instantly set up shop online and accept credit cards
  • Create an attractive storefront using free themes and templates
  • Respond to orders and track them.

All you need is something to sell! It’s very simple. A popular avenue these days is using drop shopping. See this blog post on how one entrepreneur makes millions a year by dropping shipping products using Shopify and Aliexpress.

In order to truly benefit from the Shopify platform, you will need to be authentic, build a brand name and offer superb customer experience. In that respect, it’s like any other business.

Become a Writer

writerThere are a number of ways that you can earn money as a budding writer online.

  • Starting a blog and become an authority in the niche you’re passionate about.
  • Freelance writing on sites like Upwork and Elance. The only problem with these sites is that you won’t get credit as a writer, and you’re essentially working to build up someone else’s business.
  • Become a copywriter or freelance editor. These are higher level tasks that pay a lot more than simple freelance writing. Copywriters can easily command upwards of $50 an hour. Again, start with sites such as Upwork to find your first gig as you build up your portfolio.

As long as you have a level of English that allows you to write quality articles, there is no end to what you can do!


Become a virtual assistant

According to virtalent, the demand for virtual assistants is growing.

TutorThis isn’t a surprise considering the fact that entrepreneurs need assistance as much as any executive.

You can start off by registering with Upwork or TaskRabbit, both of which are platforms which help you to find your future boss.

If you want to go the extra mile, consider setting up a website to advertise your VA abilities. This can act your online CV and show that you have a level of professionalism that entrepreneurs will be searching for.

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Start a Youtube channel


It may take time to become the next PewDiePie, but becoming a Youtuber is definitely a way to earn money. You will need to start by setting up a Youtube account. Once that’s done start using it like there’s no tomorrow.

This is because you will not be able to join the YouTube Partner Program and earn money unless you have 4000 watch hours in a year and 1000 subscribers. Once you have that done, make an AdSense account and follow Youtube’s steps for monetizing your videos and earning money.

Develop an App

The app market is growing. According to Statista, mobile apps sales will earn approximately $190 billion in revenues by 2020.

AppSo if you know a little about app development, and have a unique idea that will capture people’s attention, now is a good time to jump on the app development bandwagon.

You will need to create an app and register it with an app store to start.

Once that’s done make sure that you limit the upfront cost and make money with in-app purchases. This is because, according to TechRadar, people are hesitant to buy an app, but once they are hooked they are enticed to pay.

In the end, there are so many ways to make money online. All you need to do is pick one and put in a little effort.

Tutor a few kids

ONLINE TutorDid you know that Khan Academy’s creator started off by making videos for his niece?

The possibilities that open up if you have a net connection and a teachable skill are endless. According to the OLC, 1 in 4 students enroll in online courses.

You can start earning money by registering with an online teaching company. If you have friends overseas with kids who need your help, you can even start out by tutoring them via Skype!

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