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7 Money-Saving Tips When Moving on a Budget


7 Money-Saving Tips When Moving on a Budget

Moving to a new location is one of the most stressful tasks in life. Moving is stressful as it involves plenty of functions and there are a lot of costs involved. For some people, moving to a new house is fun, but for most people, the high price of moving is the primary factor that is responsible for stress.

The high costs of moving are enough to disturb your weekly or monthly budget, and you have no choice other than bearing the expenses. The moving cost depends on multiple factors such as the weight of your packages, distance to be covered and the season in which you are moving.

There are many ways that can reduce your moving costs significantly. This post shares some of the top money saving tips to help you move on a budget.

Finds the right moving company



Looking for the right moving company is also a part of your moving cost. Most of the moving companies offer you no obligation quotes. Your job is to find a company that provides high quality moving services at an average price. Never go for one that sends you the lowest price quote as their services may not be good or they may surprise you with hidden costs after the move.

Ask for referrals while talking to a moving company and call the references to inquire about the quality of their services. Hire a company that offers excellent quality services at a nominal cost.

Move in the Off-season

The moving costs are high in the peak seasons like summer vacations and weekends as the demand is high in these months. If you decide to move in the peak season, the costs of moving will be higher. It is better to move in the off-season like winters, however, if it’s not possible, try to avoid moving in May to July as the rates are highest in this season.

Moving in the winter season and in the middle of a week will help you reduce the moving costs significantly as the demand is low in these times. The moving companies offer great deals and discount in the off-season, which makes winters the perfect time to relocate.

Sell the unwanted items in your house

There are many items in every home that are of no use. Some things are worn out, and you think to replace them later. Such items increase the weight of your moving boxes and also the cost of moving. Therefore, it is better to sell the unwanted items or give them to your friends if they want them.

There are multiple ways to sell the things that you don’t want to take to the new location. You can sell them in the flea markets, garage sales and online marketplaces like eBay.

Don’t spend on the boxes



The moving companies charge you for the packing supplies including boxes, and the cost adds to your moving cost. It is better to get the boxes from your friends, offices and local departmental stores. You can get the packing boxes from multiple places which help you save on your packing cost.

Ask your friends to save the boxes for you. Moreover, the departmental stores receive the supplies in the cardboard boxes, and you can ask them to keep some boxes for you. Arranging the packing boxes yourself can save you a lot on the total moving cost.

Ask your company for reimbursement to save tax

The moving expenses are tax deductible if your employer does not compensate for the cost of moving. Before you accept the relocation offer, ask your employer about the reimbursement of moving expenses or pay you for the move.

Some employer companies offer you the claim of moving cost after the move. In case the employer does not compensate you, the cost of moving will be tax deductible. You should talk to your tax advisor about your eligibility for the write-off.

Pack Yourself



Handling the process of packing yourself can save you hundreds of dollars. The key to pack on your own is to start early so that you can have enough time for packing the items. Get the packing materials and start packing at least one month before the moving day.

First of all pack the items you rarely use and pack the daily use items on the last day. Packing yourself will save you all the costs of packing, that moving companies charge heavily. However, the moving company will not cover your packages against any damage.

Hire a truck

If you want to save more on the cost of moving, it is better to hire a truck instead of a moving company. Pack yourself and hire a truck to carry your packages to the new location. Packing and moving yourself this you can save thousands of dollars on your move. However, you need to get the move insured by an insurance company, so that it covers any damage to your packages. If you try to move without insurance, any damage can add up to the cost of moving.

Final Words

All the points mentioned in this post are the money saving tips for moving on a budget. Following these tips can help anyone to save thousands of dollars while relocating to a new place. Relocating on a budget also reduces the stress of high moving costs. we also have a lot of experience in helping clients move Cairns interstate removalist as well.

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