4 Top attractive places in London to visit

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4 Top attractive places in London to visit!

If you are visiting London, then you must be looking around for the places which you can travel through the London. If yes! Then you are on the perfect platform. This blog is going to reveal some of the great places to visit in London. Four fascinating attractions are mentioned on the blog which you can visit and have a fantastic experience over there. You can spend time with the celebrities as well as with the sea creatures if you experience the below-mentioned places at first place.

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London Dungeon:

The London Dungeon is a thrillingly attractive place to visit in London. It is a unique place that will take you into the most horrible moments of London in the past. You will see, feel, hear and smell the ghastly stories of London in front of your naked eyes. The surprises will creep around in the darkness for you. It will take you back into the past where you will meet the scariest and funniest characters of the city. You will get to know how people were tortured back in the times. You will see the how the judicial proceedings were held in the old times. It is a great place where you will anxiously await that what’s waiting around the corner for you.

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Image result for london dungeon

Madame Tussauds London:

Madame Tussauds London is also one of the interactive areas of London to visit in London. You must have seen big celebrities walking down the red carpet, but now you can even walk down the red carpet with their real-looking wax statues. You can have photographs of your favourite actors and actresses. You can see Queen Elizabeth, Kate and Will stepping on the stage. You can enjoy the music of your choice musicians like Miley Cyrus. You can revive the rich history of London riding in a taxi. You can enjoy the critical scenes of Star Wars Episodes I-VI with your favourite celebrities. There is a lot more to explore. Do not wait and go for a premium car hire in London to visit your favourite places in there.

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The London Eye:

A single experience in the London Eye can bring you high enough have a glare up to 40 kilometres. It is the world’s most giant cantilevered observation wheel. It represents the capital and is taken as a global icon. It offers several breathtaking views on high above the ground. A single rotation in the wheel can take 30 minutes and gives you a classic look of London. You can see the London comes to life. It is one of the most visited experiences in the whole city for the past many years. A number of people come to London to have an experience on the big wheel. There are almost 32 capsules in which 25 people can sit at a time. Hence, it is a significant feature of London’s skyline.

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Sea Life London:

Meet the real sea life creatures in the sea life London. It is fascinating to travel starting from the coastline to the depths. Of the deep ocean. You can see a vast variety of sea creatures in the deep sea. Experience the magical underwater world life of sea creatures. You can look at the sharks walking through the gloss near you. You can encounter the shark reef, tiger sharks, bow mouths. You can bump into the shoals of fish in the sea. It will leave you amazed. You will have fun with these water livings. You have never think about the inside life of water, but now you can experience it and have a great visit to sea life London.

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