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11 Drinks that Can Help You Live Longer

11 Drinks that Can Help You Live Longer

Easy to find and prepare elixirs for longevity

We all probably aspire to live long enough to experience the best this life has to offer. We often keep bucket lists of the things we wish to achieve or do before we die and try our best to attain each one while we still can.

According to the World Health Organization, the average life expectancy of the global population as of 2016 is 72 years. If you are reading this, then you would probably want to exceed that. Check out this list of drinks that can help you live longer:

1. Wine

It is no secret that a glass of wine is rich in antioxidants that help the body fight off free radicals that can cause cancer. Red wine also contains phenol, known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties and resveratrol, which can lower high blood pressure. A study published at the website of the American College of Cardiology concluded that light to moderate alcohol consumption may reduce cardiovascular events in persons with coronary heart disease and controlled hypertension.

2. Beer

Many people say beer is the perfect nightcap. Drinking a bottle or can help you increase your dopamine levels which will drive you to a good night’s sleep. There was a study conducted by the Indiana University School of Medicine where subjects were given 15mL of beer, just enough to enjoy the taste without intoxication. After fifteen minute periods, subjects underwent PET scanning to measure their dopamine levels which showed an increase versus a similar test using a sports drink which showed no changes.

3. Coffee

Caffeine in coffee can help boost energy level and stimulate the brain – these are probably the main reasons why people drink coffee. But more than that, it is probably good to know that a single cup of coffee contains 11% of the RDA for Vitamin B2, 10% of the RDA for Fiber and 6% RDA for Vitamin B5. There are also continuing studies on how coffee can protect you from developing liver cirrhosis, heart diseases, Alzheimer’s diseases and depression.

4. Cocoa

Cocoa is the powdered form of cacao beans from the cacao tree, it got its name from Theobroma cacao which means “Food of the Gods”. It is rich in minerals like iron, selenium, calcium and magnesium and is also a source of good fats. It is also rich in flavonoids, a group of phytochemicals rich in anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It also aids in lowering blood pressure and improving the elasticity of blood vessels. In the 17th century, the French used to drink hot cocoa to relieve anger and bad mood. Recent studies discovered that flavonols from cocoa help enhance the mood and fight depression.

5. Ginger Tea

Ginger tea is probably one of the easiest teas to prepare out of an ingredient that is always available from our kitchens. It is also among the hot teas you may have tried after getting a massage and its aroma and taste are surely relaxing and soothing. Gingerol in ginger has been known to reduce inflammation and swelling so it is a perfect relief for those suffering from nasal congestion, cough, arthritis and gout.

6. Lemon Water

This is probably a drink that has been widely available due to its refreshing and therapeutic benefits, it is served chilled or hot at home or even in restaurants. It helps maintain the PH level of the body and it is recommended to be taken warm, first thing in the morning. It also boosts metabolism and provides the body with a good initial dose of vitamin C, potassium, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium. It makes water more enjoyable and helps hydrate the body better.

7. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider is known for its antibacterial properties and apple cider water is a perfect concoction against diarrhea and sore throat. There are also studies that show that acetic acid in apple cider can help lower cholesterol levels. Acetic acid can also suppress appetite and boost metabolism aiding weight loss. The amino acids present in apple cider can also reduce stress.

8. Beet Juice

Beetroot juice or beet juice is rich in antioxidants and vitamin C. It also contains nitrates that allow more oxygen in our blood making way for a healthier blood circulation and more regulated blood pressure. Phytonutrients that make beetroot red and vibrant is good for your skin too. It also protects the liver by flushing out toxins that can harm it and helps regulate blood sugar in the body.

9. Kombucha

Kombucha is an ancient Chinese beverage known to cure illnesses of the gut. It is a product of the fermentation process of black tea and sweeteners which can be sugar, molasses or honey. The fermentation results to the production of B vitamins, probiotics and acetic, lactic and gluconic acids in the beverage. The good bacteria it produces act as cellulose protecting the cells from various diseases.

10. Green Tea

Rich in antioxidants and tea catechins that fight free radicals. It is also a good mental stimulant without as much caffeine as coffee. Unlike other types of teas that stain the teeth, green tea can actually help improve dental health by preventing dental caries. It can also improve insulin sensitivity and lowers the risk of type 2 diabetes.

11. Water

Up to 60% of our body is composed of water. Water cures almost everything that our body goes through. Most of the time, inflammation, joint pains, common colds, cough and headache are all caused by water deficiency and water is exactly what we need to retain balance in our system. Dehydration is the main reason for fatigue, stress, and anxiety. Drinking enough water can also prevent premature aging, heat exhaustion, kidney stones and constipation, in short, water plays a vital role in taking care of any problem in our every organ. 8 glasses x 8-ounces are the magic numbers to remember to ensure sufficient hydration.

Bottoms Up!

The body is the temple of our soul and if we take care of it enough, then who knows, our soul might stay in it and live longer, so we can enjoy this life better.


Author: Usman Raza is a freelance writer, marketing specialist at Perfume Hut and co-founder of Usman Digital Media. When not working, he’s probably spending time with his family. Follow him on Facebook @usmanraza40 and Twitter @usmanintrotech.

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